KKND: Krush Kill 'N Destroy Longplay (PC DOS) [Evolved Campaign] [4K]

KKND: Krush Kill 'N Destroy (PC DOS) [Evolved Campaign] [4K]

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Developed by Beam Software and published by Melbourne House in 1997

A complete playthrough of all 15 Evolved from the original MS-DOS version of Krush Kill ‘n’ Destroy.

Time Codes
00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:24 – Mission 01: Return of the Slugs
00:06:28 – Mission 02: Repel Them!
00:13:01 – Mission 03: Bubblin’ Crude
00:20:50 – Mission 04: Raid the Fort
00:27:32 – Mission 05: Ambush
00:31:20 – Mission 06: Siege
00:51:46 – Mission 07: Release the Prisoners
00:59:44 – Mission 08: Smash the Convoy
01:02:32 – Mission 09: Fight for Territory
01:31:37 – Mission 10: Close Encounters
01:49:02 – Mission 11: It’s the End of the World
02:09:55 – Mission 12: The Big Attack
02:24:00 – Mission 13: Battle for the Islands
02:53:59 – Mission 14: The Final Assault
03:19:54 – Mission 15: Counter-Attack
03:44:49 – Ending


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  1. bottlecaps: 3163, great fallout reference, can't believe I never read the text on the right side it's brilliant.

  2. Reason for scourge: humans were very naughty

  3. I never understood why would anyone play the evil mutants in this game…

  4. One of my favorite rts

  5. TurboThunderGaming - Incia

    3:03:07 that mechanical pathfinding looked really painful, if I lost because of that I would have ripped my hair out.

  6. Please do a unit comparison thanks a lot.

  7. Felipe Silva The Souza

    jogo da minha infância.

  8. Буравчик

    Это просто потрясающе

  9. 마지막 미션에서 저렇게 몰려온다고?!
    난… 못해!

  10. 2:43 Incoming scary religious stuff..

  11. Anyone felt like this is more polished than other RTS games from 90's? The animations and the way you can control units felt so much better… even KKND2 is worse in that aspect.
    Also the unit limit was pretty high i remember when the AI from 3 teams started to attack at the same time and you saw them flooding the map going for your base… good times

  12. You talking to me? Sure thing.

  13. GPU Benchmark's



  14. Evoled faction look like mix between NOD and Forgotten from C&C

  15. Someone should revive the franchise with a brand new KKND game but with modern sprite graphics, like the recent C&C remaster and modern game mechanics. I think it would be pretty awesome. Or maybe just remaster the originals? 🙂

  16. History Photos Gallery

    this is IT

  17. I had the 2 on PS1 !! I ml try the first, it seems like so good too

  18. Pfft… Only in 4K? This game should be played and recorded in 8K at the least!

  19. I was working on a game concept several years ago which was loosely inspired by KKND. I'd love to share some of the vision and designs if anyone is interested. Here's a crab and his mate, bearing the brunt of warfare like a champ, emerging from the waters on a moonlit beach…


    Would love to hear your thoughts.

  20. 6:02 took me a while to realize that wasn't just some NPC on the map, but rather part of the soundtrack XD

  21. Why does this remind me of Command and Conquer?

  22. Yaroslav Tselikovskiy

    "А я ушаночку поглубже натяну, и в своё прошлое с тоскою загляну, слезу смахну"

  23. Markoni Warcraft III :)

    The unit graphics of original are way better than the 2nd part.


  25. better than war3 reforged!

  26. 'That's soofthie!' rages

  27. Damn i miss this game, played it for 100 of hours when i was a kid. Good times😁😎

  28. I enjoyed it.

  29. Michał Ostrowski

    Will you make KKND 2 video?

  30. This was my first RTS and the beast RTS i ever played and it will stay with me to the end too bad the 2 part was a disaster

  31. this game is my childhood !!!

  32. Has anyone played the version of "Krush Kill 'N Destroy Xtreme" from gog.com? This game looks like fun I want to make sure it's the same game I'm seeing in this longplay.

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