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How to from macOS Recovery —

Learn how to reinstall the operating system on your Mac, using macOS Recovery.

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How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery:

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  1. Does it erase all my content?

  2. Killian Dattilo

    Mac with Apple Silicon:
    Press and hold the power button until you see the startup options. Click Options.


  4. Repeatedly fails to reinstall El Capitan. "This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later." – the internet is full of people saying the same.

  5. How can I install again El Capitan on MacBook pro 2009 core 2 but Mac has windows 10

  6. Vimukthi Vithanage

    Nothing comes when I press any of these key combinations

  7. La reine des dramas

    I’m having a bad problem when I’m trying to reinstall the operating system, it always fails to install. I’ve determined that it’s because my SSD isn’t formatted to APFS. I’ve tried to erase the SSD and format it to APFS, but when I try to chose APFS as a format, it just doesn’t appear. Please help me, I’ve tried everything!

  8. Michael Gonzalez

    What if no wifi option is available I don’t have an option to connect to wifi in recovery mode

  9. I need helpp plss!!
    the wifi icon on my mac has an exclamation point. I tried to delete the plist thingy and reset the nvram but it didn't work.

  10. Why does it says this recovrey server could not be connected

  11. Please help, when I try to install Mac Os X Lion on my 2010 macbook it prompts me to sign in with my apple id, and when I do that it says my password is wrong, but it sends a code to my phone that I can’t enter into the macbook.

  12. melissa snoek

    i downloaded the newest update on my external drive. I can not remove my external drive from the mac without the macbook shutting down. Also the macbook runs extremely slow now and I can not find all my photos and videos that was previous on the external drive!:(( mactosh hd did not have enough storage.Can someone help me fix this?

  13. Thank you !!!!2022

  14. Needed it today. Thanks

  15. My 2013 is stuck in mountain lion and I can’t sign into tunes :/

  16. how can I prevent my mac from falling asleep ?

  17. Marius liutkevicius

    I need help!
    My disk is locked so I can't reinstall the OS

  18. what if l lost internet connection in the midway and it asking me select a wifi network from the menu. there is no menu to appear for me to select really. what do i do please…??

  19. Mine still struggles to load afterwards it’s strange

  20. My Imac keeps on rebooting, I tried different recovery key options but the IMAC never fully logs in befor another reboot

  21. Alex’s tech

    What about a failed OS installed mac? mine is a 12 inch and it's showing nothing

  22. Magdalena Bonnelly

    At 2:43 video here shows to choose disk but my Mac does not show one. What do I do next?

  23. Mikhail Zavialov

    Can I leave my mac unattended while reinstalling mac os ?

  24. Hi @applesupport during the installation process on 1:57 where they asked to unlock my disk, somehow when i press unlock, nothing happens even after clicking continuously. it does not give me the option to type in my password. why is that? is it because i have more than one user in the mac?

  25. Didn’t work. But I don’t need to do this to open disk utility and do the reinstall, it’s already there. Just trying to erase and reinstall. Doesn’t work. Any one in 2022 know how? I get to the sign into apple store and it says not available right now. My iMac has El Capitan. I heels it has something to do with it not being available anymore in the store or that it’s because my Apple ID isn’t associated with an os. But on my iPad it shows my Mac connected to my Apple ID. So I’m stumped.

  26. Guillermo Zamora Kellenberger

    Is it normal that I don't get the disc where to download the software?

  27. Sheldon Hachey

    I had no luck ran into every possible error.

  28. I am trying to reinstall, but it does not give (or show) the hard disk to reinstall on. It is blank and does not allow me to continue after accepting T and C

  29. Tameka Williams

    and if that dont work whats the next step because, I have tried everything including this and it failed I have a macbook air 2017

  30. When I hit cod-R, I get no prompt for password. Later, restore permission is denied, presumably for lack of login. How to enter the password when not prompted?

  31. Ovee’s Vlog ♿️

    Thanks 👍

  32. Imad Almsodny

    Let me try it

  33. Thank you so much I thought I had to buy a new 💻

  34. For some reason my mac is won't give me a disc to press and open in the "Recover MacOS" section. I pressed everything like the safari, time machine, or the memory disc thing. I need some assistance! I would be very generous if someone gave me answers.

  35. Feiliver’s Productions

    Just asking, if I accidentally replaced MacOS by other OSes, does the 3 combination works?

  36. My mac won't recognise any keyboards iv tried a few and is stuck with Apple logo and bar any suggestions?

  37. Christian Stephenson

    This doesn’t work no more. Apple services sucks

  38. Aakash Sinhmar

    it doesn't reboot after downloading it show apple logo then loading and then again it got off and again apple logo same again and again what should I do it's been 2 hours after downloading of macOS

  39. Yea DIDNT work

  40. Motorsport _508

    Don’t know what to do my MacBook Pro lap top won’t start up a question mark folder 📁 pops up and won’t start up if someone could help thanks

  41. Constance Chiam

    How to Solve Macbbok issue as – The Installer Information on Recovery Server is damages ? How to downlaod a latest version IOS, Can Share ?

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