Gaming Power for your Smartphone – The GameSir X2 Mobile – Play GTA V / RDR2

Gaming Power for your Smartphone – The GameSir X2 Mobile – Play GTA V / RDR2

GameSir X2 Smartphone Gaming Controller | USB-C |
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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
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Android Games Compatible with Game Controller:

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  1. James Patrick

    can i use this controller directly to the pc, for pc games.

  2. It does work on call duty and pub G

  3. Gersommelk Felipe Comiano

    Do you guys know if it wrks with PS4 or Ps5 via remote Play or PSPlay?

  4. Does this controller work with PPSSPP Emulator and AetherSX2 Emulator?

  5. Does it work with ps5 remote play?

  6. Great Spirit Gaming

    I'm so Jealous! I never thought anyone would make technology like that but now, its finally here! everyone also says this gamesir x2 bluetooth controller is the best for call of duty mobile and I got that game so once I get this, I might be able to get lots of revenge on players that hurt me in the game! I also see that this gamesir x2 bluetooth controller in this video is type-c which is $72.99 but there is a cheaper one which is not type-c and also darker but it is only $66.99 and I probably could get it for that much money but another thing is the gamesir x2 bluetooth controller goes really well with the redmagic 6r gaming phone and the redmagic 6s pro gaming phone and redmagic 6 gaming phone and many other gaming phones by redmagic!

  7. John Mattingly

    Does it fit galaxy s21 ultra

  8. PINGた || APEX

    Call of duty works on mind

  9. It can be used on pubg, cod etc. DL their emulator app and use the pre mapped setups. Easy

  10. 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  11. If I may ask is this the 167 cm version of the device or the 173 verison because I bought the 167 version for my Note 20 Ultra and it barely even fits

  12. Can it work to PPSSPP 😄😁

  13. How to download the games sir

  14. Hagen Hallgard

    Does it work with xbox game cloud on my note 20 ultra?

  15. Is this work with amd link ?

  16. Can we play minecraft in gamesir x2???

  17. how did you confiugure the gamepad to work with steam link?

  18. I just got one. I want to like it but my hands Are huge and they cramp up very fast trying to use it

  19. The fixed middle position of the usb c pin sucks for my device🥲

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