PIRATE BOOTY – Let's Play – Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – 18

PIRATE BOOTY – Let's Play – : The Thousand-Year Door – 18

In today’s episode of the Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario and crew delve deeper into the caves of Keelhaul Key in order to uncover Cortez’s treasure and the next Crystal Star!

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GAME: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
AUTHOR: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a 2004 role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the GameCube. The Thousand-Year Door is the second game in the Paper Mario series. The Thousand-Year Door borrows many gameplay elements from its predecessor, such as a drawing-based art style, and a turn-based battle system with an emphasis on action. For the majority of the game the player controls Mario, although Bowser and Princess Peach are playable at certain points. The plot follows Mario’s quest as he tries to retrieve the seven Crystal Stars and rescue Peach from the X-Nauts. The game was praised by critics. Critics generally praised the game’s engaging plot and gameplay. The Thousand-Year Door won the “Role Playing Game of the Year” award at the 2005 Interactive Achievement Awards.

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  1. Cortez: Noo! I won't let you steal me pirate booty!

    *opens a chest to reveal pictures of Peach in a bikini

    Mario, Koops, and TEC: O_O

  2. At this point, you should really start upping your HP dude .


    That line fucking destroyed me

  4. Jony Youtuber

    Sexy AF! You gotta peep BootyLoversWorld . com too 😛

  5. Beyond hype for the next chapter!

  6. Lord crump: Not this again, I hate losing!

    Bowser: Now u know how I feel with defeat, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!!!

  7. Ostelan Excruciasm

    “Back, you cannibals!”

    STELLAR reference!! 👌🏻

  8. I would like to know why you haven't tried equipping the lucky start badge that you got when you defeated atomic boo at the creepy steeple yet since it is a REALLY good badge?

  9. Bobbery's Bomb Squad ability can be quite powerful. The way to get the most out of it is to actually use the move twice. Bomb squad has a one turn delay on the first set of bombs that you throw, however throwing the second set of bombs next turn where the first set of bombs that are going to explode this turn will also cause the bombs you threw this turn to explode.
    So basically (If my explanation was confusing):
    Turn 1: Throw bombs close to each other near the enemy you wish to damage
    Turn 2: Throw bombs close to each other again near the first set of bombs from turn 1. All bombs will explode this turn.
    Each bomb does 3 damage. So 3 damage x the 6 bombs that you threw = 18 damage to the enemy on turn 2 with Bobbery's Bomb Squad ability. *(Assuming the enemy has 0 defense).

  10. Steam-Powered Dolphin

    Some fun facts about Cortez:
    -In his second phase, attacking the bone pile at the bottom several times exposes the gem in his rib cage, which has 0 defense and weakness to (i.e., obviously extra damage from) all attacks (IIRC).
    -In his third phase, I think I've read that his weapons can come back from "death"–unless you use Flurrie's Gale Force to blow them away, in which case they don't come back.
    -Also in his third phase, I've heard something about him being able to heal to full (something about eating the audience's souls?) at <10 HP, which you didn't see because you did >10 damage in one turn.

  11. Britta KittyNeko

    Does Nico not realize he can eat something out of battle and heal that way? You don't have to save it for battles.

  12. Flonne Icarus

    Nicob you know you could use Vivian to avoid the bullet bills

  13. Flonne Icarus

    Did nico skip the part with the over 100 I love you’d to francheska

  14. 2 cool facts about Bobbery:
    His Appeal also clears fog making it the only appeal to have a secondary effect.
    His main attack is bugged so even when you fail it, the audience cheers over an old man falling face first.

  15. MozillaVulpix

    Komaeda: "Hey, Mario, do you like BOATS?!"

    Don't think I didn't see that…

  16. Johnathan Loeb

    While this was actually my least favorite chapters in the game, its finale just kicks so much ass that it made up for everything.

  17. I'm curious, what game nico will play next?

  18. It's ashame that Vivian wasn't powered up before this fight she has a really good move that would have been helpful for this fight when there's so many swords.

  19. Cursed treasure chest: This just sucks. I've practiced for so long only to be shot down! And I was confident about my schtick too, until he threw me off! At least he was nice enough to let me curse him, but still

  20. you could use vivian to dodge bullet bills

  21. Oh with Bobbery's bomb squad you can actually chain the bombs together. So if you lay a set of bombs the previous turn and then lay another set in proximity to those bombs, instead of taking a turn for the new ones to set off the ones exploding that turn will set them off too for some pretty crazy damage.

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