[DIY] Start/Stop Button with Passive Keyless Entry

[DIY] Start/Stop Button with Passive Keyless Entry

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Hey guys, today I’ll be showing y’all how to install a pretty awesome PKE car alarm system with start stop button, that I found on Amazon! It has quite a few features which are too much to put in this description box, but basically the main features are Passive Keyless Entry, Remote Engine Startup and Shutdown, Smart Start/Stop button, and an optional touch passcode key entry function incase you lose your keys.

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Products & Tools used in this video:-

PKE Alarm System link:

Immobilizer Bypass Module:

Link to Original Start/Stop Button Install Video:

Link to Trunk Release Solenoid Install Video:

Vehicle Wiring Diagram website:

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  1. Tsuyoshi Mochizuki

    I just install all same steps as you did, but when i start the engine it comes on but soon it will shut down

  2. Installing this system on your car doesn't go by color coded wires or go by voltage

  3. update this date?

  4. Vishal Choudhary

    Price ?

  5. That's alot of electrical tape

  6. TheAspenCollins

    I’m the 667th comment. You’re welcome! Lol

  7. Is this reversible? (My thought Is: yes, Im just wondering if there’s a chance to completely mess up the electrical system)

  8. Hello I’m planning on getting this but I was wondering if it was still functioning properly after all these years.

  9. How to wiring of the remote start, is it need to connect to the oil pump signal or alternator??

  10. Is there a way we can instal but keep the origional key functionality or alarm system or do we need to delete the origional key ignition and security system ?

  11. Kayani Autos Kallar syedan

    Ye system kitny ka hai mujy chahiye

  12. richard gibbs

    Regarding the lock and unlock. Im sure my vehicle is negative locking trigger. But i keep blowimg fuse. Like you i will look for the remote locking reciever..and make my connections there. Can you explain me how you found the wires im the reciever to connect to

  13. Hi, can you start the car using the key ignition if the alarm is armed?

  14. Dalton Haughton

    You didn't say how to connect the indicator

  15. Dalton Haughton

    I don't see the website link for the wiring diagram for vehicle

  16. Anand Poorasamy

    hi what is the purpose of connecting the pink wire and the fuction of the pink wire

  17. Great video! Can you still use your old key to open the door and turn on ignition if for some reason the key fob fails?

  18. how to install push to start in 2012 kia forte

  19. Thanks for the link for the car plan. Perfekt for me.
    Can u put the Brake wire like that, that u dont have to Push the Brake for Start?
    Greets from germany

  20. After I left my remote control of easyguard in the car for night, in the morning my car was locked.I opened the car lick with locksmith help but now remote work off and all.when remote does not work, I can not start my car even with push button. After trying about5 minutes pressing all buttons on remote , remote starts working and car start but if car is off for more than 1 hour than again remote does not work and same problem to start the car. How can I resolve this problem? I have Honda civic2012 automatic.Thanks and thanks for your vidio installation.

  21. sisco electronics

    Can you do video on spy alarm system with push to start button?

  22. Hi, what's the purpose for the fuel pump wire?

  23. What’s the distance at which the lock/unlock is triggered? My keys hang about 10 feet from the car, when I’m at home, so I’m concerned it may not lock if that’s too close.

  24. Emmanuel Barrientos

    Does your keyless entry has remote start ?

  25. FatalCorleone07

    So what is the absolute best push start kit you ever used?

  26. Dimitris Chanell

    What program do you use for video editing ?

  27. I just only the most important part

  28. Hello brother, great I found your video, can I take your video and translate them as my language?

  29. Leinad Rodama

    Can you show me, how did you wired the central locking. ? Thank you

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