How to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac — Apple Support

How to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac —

Learn how to back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac in macOS Catalina or later, using the Finder.

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  1. Does not work after you have more than one backed up iPhone

  2. How do I change the back file location to an external hard drive?

  3. Rajaram Garada


  4. Rajaram Garada


  5. Rajaram Garada


  6. Rajaram Garada

    Tala kampar

  7. Rajaram Garada

    Post up kampar

  8. Rajaram Garada

    Rajaram Garada

  9. Bruh why these people talkin like bots 😂😂😂

  10. Zubair Murshid

    For yall Windows folks out there, install iTunes and then follow the steps in this video

  11. Does backing up all the data include all photos or do you have to use Photos to backup all photos?

  12. Suhailah Donabge

    How to get the back datas in MacBook and how can I take back whole back up data to iOS device from MacBook

  13. I normally don't comment on videos, bur this is the most helpful video ever

  14. Douglas Freeman

    How do you close all apps that are running on the iPhone 13 with no home button?

  15. What if my phone is broken and I can’t type my code in to open my mac

  16. How can I put the copy of my backup to a nee iPhone please help me

  17. NFGx SilentGamer

    Mines only shows the option to reset the iPhone idk why. I have an iPhone 6s but when I plug it in I don’t see any other option.

  18. My ipad, cant be plugged into my ipad what do i do

  19. 1,000 Subscribers with No Videos Challenge

    what if you dont have a phone?

  20. Sarah Yentsch

    I plug my iPhone XS into my iMac and the iPhone appears in the left column but hardly anything else. I only see the device and the option to restore iPhone and no other tabs etc. 🙁

  21. my iPhone doesn't show up on finder. The first time I tried this, the trust message popped up and after I clicked trust on both devices it stopped working

  22. It’s not showing up with the ipad

  23. Eerie Khalideeney

    Thank god for this video. I was plugging my phone in and out waiting for it to pop up in the music app like it did with iTunes and was completely lost when it didn’t!

  24. Doesn't work for iPods.

  25. Mausi Imlicht

    What happens if I got several apple products need backup and all at different stages? Not the same backup for all devices? Also, what happens if my MacBook gets stolen, is there a way to delete all data on my MacBook remotely like you can on the iPhone?

  26. does this backup your settings too?

  27. So none of these videos that I watched help me with this and it basically my trouble was that every time I try to do in this method when I would press back up now it would say you were not able to back up because your phone isn’t set up yet.

    So I started over from scratch! On my new phone: I put in my Apple ID and then my Apple password and then from there I hit restore from iCloud but the problem here was that on my old iPhone it was 128 GB / & (50gb iCloud)and it said that it had never been backed up so I double checked and I went on the iCloud website and I checked on my photos and apparently all of my stuff were saved so I just proceeded on from there and I went back on my new iPhone and then it said it gave me an option and it said set up as a new phone so I just pressed yes but I had my Sim card installed already on my phone before doing all that so I set up my new phone and then I agreed to the terms and it finally worked!!

  28. Shoto Todoroki

    I cant see my phone what should I do?

  29. Alexa Troendle

    What do I do if I cannot find my phone in finder?

  30. Backed up my iPhone on to my iMac but can't find the backup folder. I was expecting to see an icon of the iPhone which I could them click on, There doesn't seem any point in backing up the iPhone if I can't find the backed up data.



  32. What happens when your iPhone doesn’t show up in finder?

  33. Randall Carter Anderson

    Anyone else’s phone not showing up under locations?

  34. RobloxTrashGamer

    Lol it didnt apper for mine .. I think my uncle's mac is to old

  35. @AppleSupport – I am trying to back up my iPhone 11 Pro to my MacBook Pro 2018 but Mac gives me error saying that I don't have space on my MacBook even though it has 1.5 TB available.. I am backing 256GB iPhone.. pls get back ..

  36. Marcelo Camargo

    Where's the fucking progress bar, Apple? I don't know when it's finished or even if it started. FML.

  37. Any idea how I back up the playlists from my iPad to my mac, as I lost them my mac earlier and I want them back.

  38. How long does this take? There is no progress bar

  39. If your iPhone is backed up to a MacBook Pro that died (mine didn’t die it’s just really old now…), can you back it up to a new Mac?

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