Student carries 'death note' with names

Student carries 'death note' with names

A student at Florence Elementary school was taken to a treatment facility after school officials found a list wishing harm to other students.


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  1. Janelle Bocanegra

    Omg the fact they took it seriously😂

  2. So dumb is nothing like a wishing spell I think everybody is stupid and they can die it’s real life

  3. There’s nothing scary about it it’s just from anime

  4. They completely wasted their time on this

  5. LadySeraphineCC

    I wonder how the same adult felt when they watched that American ver of "Death Note" 🤣

  6. Everybody gangster til' he says he's the real Kira

  7. This is the best thing I’ve seen in so long

  8. lol it litterly is just a kid carring a fake death note litterly whats wrong with that i have a fake death note and i write the people's name i hate in it they're just a bunch of karans

  9. What's wrong with that

  10. y’all trippin

  11. Your ordinary anime kid

  12. Gens Plush Prod

    Only in Arizona will people take the death note seriously

  13. when you watch to much death note

  14. It's time to start running

  15. That death note can’t do nothing it just a magma u really think this is real news are so funny lol it don’t exists u just make up a name for it so it fun for them lol it funny how they think is real idiot news

  16. The LeGeNdArY Animal

    Imagine he did the light yagami laugh

  17. Nariko the Plasma Girl

    Adults are dumb lol don't even know what Death Note is I can't

  18. Just like when my parents found my first manga book. Bahaha.

  19. Dill funnyworth

    Did she just call it a- Death list?!!!!

  20. The truth is just some kid that likes the anime death note so he got some merch 😂

  21. My friend has a death note and we put our names on it as a joke-

  22. I did this in fifth grade and a kid got mad at me bc I wrote his name and he told the teacher

  23. People these days living in ponytail land

  24. The kid dont need help with the deathnote u fucks, help him from being bullied

  25. Conway From Wii Sports

    Looks like Kira got caught way too easily

  26. After 7 years randomly got suggested, what happened to that kid though 😂

  27. Mitch Cutiyog

    The dead note is ryuk it's legends of terror

  28. Kawaiii_Akira 아키라

    Bruh it’s Manga Japanese lmao and that’s not for kids lol

  29. My sister has that book to lol

  30. “The warning signs” of what? Being a weeb?

  31. Lmao why would u take it seriously its an anime 💀✋
    And that "savkids" why not save ur own self😂
    Dude these teacher and guardians/parents are such normies

  32. I bet that kid is like oh shoot now I have to go to therapy for being a weeb

  33. I bet that kid is like oh shoot now I have to go to therapy for being a weeb

  34. Kira is this you

  35. Bro this is just a book wtf

  36. D-do they think the death note would work?

  37. Who's gonna tell them.

  38. Kuina Natsukawa

    this is hilarious.

  39. MacorepronXznzA

    Like usual, these uncultured news channels always overreact on certain topics like this.

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