How to Screen Record With Internal Audio Recording System || SCR Pro

How to With Internal Audio Recording System || SCR Pro

1. SCR Pro:


* less then Android 5.0
* Rooted Device (Internal Audio Recording)

2. (Mobizen Screen Recorder :

Mobizen can Record internal audio Only Samsung And LG Device)

How to Record Screen Only System Audio OutPut:

You can use this App For Android Mobile

“SCR Pro”

SCR Screen Recorder Download Website(Official):-

The best app is now free! No ads, time limits etc.
SCR Pro v1.0.5 (requires root) (slow mirror)
SCR 5+ Pro v0.1.3 (no internal audio, requires Lollipop)
SCR Screen Recorder is now distributed as direct APK download because it got removed from Google Play™ for alleged policy violation. For more information visit SCR thread on XDA forum.

SCR Pro Root
Android 6.0 Marshmallow support
Internal audio recording in stereo (supported on most devices)
Removed Google Play rating reminder
Saving files to external SD with no-root encoder on Lollipop (Select No-root output directory)
Minor style fixes
Avoid crash when recording size approaches 4GB


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  1. Khalid Zniber

    Text to speech.

  2. Whats song name please

  3. agent केला

    Make a video Google way not allowed internal audio recording??


    It needs root you bullshit

  5. Raven Teh bird

    Nice voice is this purplesheps girlfriend?!

  6. Will it not record the voice?

  7. Im not your friend

  8. Hi how was the installation? Im kinda scared of soft bricking my phone again xd

  9. Renoter Stuzy

    if you want to use this application must use root access? Plis fast respon

  10. Fck rooted again

  11. In this video. he/she said that"less than android 5.0",but his/her phone is not less than android 5.0 #fp

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you have taken lots of efforts on this video 😂😂😂😂

  13. It says the app is dangerous?


    How to record internal audio with different easy method 👇👇👇

  15. Time Traveler

    Even Bot voices is getting sleepy with this shitty tutorial for mobile .

  16. NySmule Records

    why I don't see Internal phone?

  17. I have rooted device and also enabled this internal audio function but not working
    by the way screen recording is good in high quality

  18. today i have rooted my device… and downloaded scr recorder… when i choose the option internal sound… it gives me a warning that..

    Installation warning
    Audio driver installation on your device
    requires modifications to the system
    partition. In the unlikely event of
    installation error your device may get
    soft-bricked or enter boot loop. Please
    make sure you know how to re-flash
    system partition or restore system from
    backup before proceeding. If you decide
    to uninstall SCR Pro in the future open
    SCR Settings and disable internal audio
    before uninstalling the app.

    cancel install

    what should i do ?? should i install it without worrying ?

  19. are u high?!?


    bitch sound

  21. Official Velnick

    how do you record the google translte voice??

  22. android 7 but still doesnt work

  23. Is it work with nougat OS

  24. Guys must try mobizen to record internal sound

  25. Thanks For This!

    Download KingoRoot To Root Your Android Device

  26. need root 🙁

  27. Seriously bruh

  28. Anyone know why the voice in this video so annoying?

  29. mine is 5.0 and I want to internal audio record. it's that ok?

  30. Maria Naranjo

    I can't record internal audio, even if i activate that option

  31. itu apa mesti di root dulu y?

  32. It needs to be rooted

  33. GeometryDash Roshi

    omg the google translate girl robot voice!

  34. I want to rec geometry but I'm non rooted 6.0.1 Is that OK?

  35. mine is 5.0 but is that ok ?

  36. Valentino Crnkovic


  37. Valentino Crnkovic

    i ts now worked my audio with headphones and expermiental it say error

  38. Isa and his Coffee

    only works on rooted device

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