How to repair Invalid IMEI on MTK Android devices without PC OR ROOT 2020

How to repair on MTK Android devices without PC OR ROOT 2020

What’s guys, in this video I’m going to show you the easiest way to repair IMEI on your MTK Android device.

================ CHANGING IMEI IS ILLEGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1) – Engineering Mode Code *#*#3646633*#*#
– Engineering Mode apk

2) AT+E G M R=1,7,”IMEI” use this command for IMEI number One
3) AT+E G M R=1,10,”IMEI” use this command for IMEI number Two

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  1. a me non fa vedere radio information,come mai?

  2. This command not allow in userbuild kia problem hai sir kindly batain

  3. Azomukwu Blessing

    smythtech on Instagram help me to recovery my IMEI number which was change by a guy who wanted to do away with my phone, but i get to know smythtech on Instagram He also help me to spy on partner whatsapp chat without her notice

  4. There is no cds info in the app

  5. Cassandra Eller

    When I enter the first code into my dial pad it doesn't give me 2 imei numbers like I'm seeing on these videos. The one on the top is Imei but the bottom one is s/n. And when I enter the second code in my dial pad it says no registered network what else can I do because this isn't wrkn at all…. Please help

  6. sir i have i new smart phone this method is works on sim 2 how can i change sim 1

  7. MduzuEllyat live

    Mtk not working in Android 10, Spark 5 air

  8. Earning Money AKS

    My device is Huawei Y6 Pro. I want to take mtk engineering mode but it is not working here. What can I do now?

  9. bro mtk engineering not working on custom rom

  10. solution for u subhash sahani

    Note your voice verry poor

  11. Bro please CDs option ka bta do

  12. Rédha Megueni

    It don't show cds informations

  13. Thanks so much

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