How to Get Emeralds in Hero Wars – Hero Wars Emeralds & Gold Tutorial 2021

How to Get Emeralds in & Gold Tutorial 2021

Hello friends. In todays tutorial I will be showing you how to get Emeralds in Hero Wars completely for free.
So this is not some remote Hero Wars method as most of the vids on youtube are about BUT the REAL DEAL. This method allows you to get plenty Emeralds in Hero Wars and it works on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you dont need your mobile phones to be rooted or jailbroken.
How cool is that?

It’s actually very easy and fast, just make sure you follow the entire tutorial step by step on your mobile phone ios or android and at the end you’ll receive your Emeralds in Hero Wars in no time.

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Peace out!


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  1. kiarucciola92

    If you need any help please Like the video & Comment below your device and additional info.

  2. It works!! TYSM <3

  3. Mind-blowing shit here, my lil cousin did it after showing him this vid and it worked as advertised, u are a man of word!

  4. thanks for saving me some money man 🙂

  5. Works on my new iPhone! Yes i have iphone u poor android F4cks

  6. did not expect this too work….thx man

  7. Damn, dude! It is the only video that finally worked for me. Btw how did you find about this hack cause ive been searching for a long time?

  8. wow thought this was bs but it worked

  9. Great tutorial! Worked for me on android

  10. Thank you very much. I got it.

  11. ManisaGuzeli45

    Got it working ;d Cheers man

  12. I thought it was a lie, but I tried and if it works. I thank you very much, friend. You're the best 😀

  13. TheBeater2011

    fuckin best my man I LOVEEEEE youuuuuu 😍😍😍

  14. worked, you deserve million subs for sure!

  15. yeah lol got this shit!

  16. Shared, liked, subscribed! Even turned the bell on! Deserved!

  17. You are awesome I was so tired of searching for a vid that would work 😍😜 IT WORKS!!!

  18. Thank you for sharing this amazing hack with us. It worked for me!

  19. Brilliant work, I didnt think it will work lol, proved me wrong u have my sub

  20. thx dude been searching for this for a long time and tried many tutorials on youtube but all were scams or stopped working, cheers

  21. exactly what I needed, it worked! thx liked and subbed to you much love

  22. Thank you for sharing this tutorial, u da man!! :)))

  23. Kai aus Spermany

    this trick is neat, reckon this will be patched soon? thx for this my friend

  24. WHAT in the hell man? WTF this is working!!? Just did it successfully from my iphone lol thought this is just another scam like many others before. OMG OMG finally something worked it was long due!!!

  25. hey thx for this bro it really worked for me, subscribed 🙂

  26. aye aye captain, this has worked well indeed. 2 cogs of ale for you captain, u deserve it sire.


    Thank uuu! U helped sooo much! And 4 that im gonna subscribe to ur channel!!

  28. Guys,this really works. I have tried it,and it is 100% safe!

  29. I can't believe it actually works.Things like this on the internet are usually fake.Thanks you very much for the video.Great job!!!?

  30. I tested this and it worked for me, not so hard to understand and follow the steps unlike other tutorials on youtube.

  31. Benn CS strike

    Hack works excellent. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  32. finally a hack without rooting the phone! thank you!

  33. omg it actually worked jeez

  34. Actually legit.Thanks

  35. Thanks for all the info, really useful, thanks for all the effort that you do to help us. I will be looking forward to see your next videos

  36. I've been looking for this for a long time … thanks!

  37. Thanks for sharing this amazing hack with us. It works perfectly on my xiaomi!

  38. still working, can confirm.

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