How to download Papers Please for Android!

How to download for Android!

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ExaGear Strategies:


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  1. Können Sie immer oder nur eine bestimmte Zeit spielen?

  2. You can play all the time or a certain time because it says it is a trial

  3. Lukas Vasiliauskas

    Nice emulator where can I get one from the Dollar store XD

  4. When i try to opem exagear and then it says "Failed to find exagear image on your device"

  5. Justin Prakash Raj

    background music please..?

  6. Wtf I cant do anything in the game there is no controllers

  7. Why it said "Failed to start environmental device"?

  8. 🌸•Gxcha-Sakura•🌸

    Can I do it without exagear?

  9. Deutschland 💪

  10. Why is the music so intense

  11. Infamous Gaming sus

  12. yamayolochannel bruh

    How bout ios?

  13. Its a free trial and you need to buy something or is not a free trial?

  14. Wow, that's insanely great music video.

  15. Thanks it worked

  16. I can't close the "how to start" window in exagear someone pls help

  17. how we understand that idiot!!!

  18. you are fucking idiot

  19. wtf is that languae

  20. How to save the game?

  21. Nice watermark man

  22. I cant,when im touch the game,theres no response

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