Papers, Please!

Papers, Please!

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  2. Lungkoy Gallo

    pewdiepie is red army general

  3. Ye, welcome to "Peppers please"…

  4. Not Soviet onion now

  5. Carlos Salinas

    this video is gold!

  6. Of course a Swede would deny someone with a Finnish name (Jukka Rantala) entry even if his papers were perfectly in order, because he doesn't understand what "enter by" means.

  7. The Boon Boon YT

    It says enter by not enter on

  8. "Glory to Arstotzka"
    Whoever made the subtitles : "Laurie it starts again"

  9. why Felix sounds like borat?

  10. One of my favorite playthrough ever

  11. sevensixtyfourths

    2:07 he turned japanese ?

  12. Hello viewer
    We have audited your YouTube views for 4 years
    Your alliance to a channel called T SERIES has been uncovered
    Atleast one video was found on your "Liked Videos" playlist
    This represents treason of the highest order
    Goodbye viewer

    The execution is scheduled for tonight
    Your family will be questioned about their involvement
    Glory to Antartica!

    (You'll know what I did by mentioning Antartica if you're seeing this in September 2021)

  13. ChopStrike 11

    Damn it's been 2 years

  14. Britney Alyssa

    Who’s watching this in 2021 now that vaccine passports are mandatory ?

  15. paradizNUTS

  16. Miloš Đošić

    Hello inspector
    We have audited your recent activities in the past 20 years,
    There were some anomalies,
    But you have served Arztotzka well,
    We Will overlook these minor transgressions.
    You have been cleared of any suspicions. Glory to Arztotzka!

  17. Back when PewDiePie was excited to play news games and actually wanted to, for himself AND his viewers, not just because "it gets views and hes likes views" what a sad way to start the vid, makes me think about pre 1 million ubs pewds, hell even pre 100k, he was so pure back then, now he's just a clone.

  18. Danielle Russell

    gangamers good like it all good pleas good likeit all game best get it all good

  19. Danielle Russell

    like hat good somuch godlikeit good loveit

  20. Danielle Russell

    good like it somuch good likeit good somuch likeit good


    Thumbnail be like: gimme your f*cking papers bylat

  22. Karen Uquillas

    checkpoint= control

  23. Sawyer Krapfl

    joe biden with vaccine passports

  24. Where is the terrorist everyone talking bout (?・・)σ

  25. Vaccine Passwords and codes. Papers Please. Glory Greatest!

  26. You want to play this in 3d? Come to Australia…if you can get permit. But it's not as entertaining

  27. after watching this i feel like felix is going to say I'll look weird lmao

  28. Pewds sounds italian XD

  29. Wikipedia editors after seeing this:"The president of the URSS was PewDiePie"

  30. Nice soviet hat pudidi

  31. "Jack told me this game gets views. I like those. So we're playing Papers, Please."

    Still gets me.

  32. Misantropiainvierno

    Soon: Covid Vaccination Card Please!

  33. Guillaume Joannette

    Watching in 2021, no regrets! Loving the silly Teddy KGB accent.

  34. This is like a mix of Russian, Italian and Swedish accent ?

  35. Forsaken EJinator

    I can’t believe this is already 2 years ago

  36. Vaccine passports please

  37. That old potato guy that keeps coming back gives me terminal flashbacks xD

  38. Muhammad Naufal Yafi' Winarto

    is this the beginning of his accent like this?

  39. hola edwin yo estuve aqui ATT Edward

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