Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West

Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West

Jimmy and Kim Kardashian West face off in a game where they take turns being forced to randomly reveal things from their phone on the spot, like Kim’s last text with Kanye and a potentially cringeworthy challenge from .

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Show Me Your Phone w/ Kim Kardashian West



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  1. Ppl are so weird even if they are famous

  2. Kim is so funny

  3. sashaslaybright

    his lin voicemail from such a long time ago is still there help

  4. Dear Arnie

    Way to build nuclear reactors on top of San Andreas fault

    I mean

    You sure fucking retards huh?

  5. Oh I saw Trudy Trudeau cucking Fidel or was that Perrier bottled water?

  6. But scarlet Johnson loves jokes
    And she likes hard cow pokes
    She prefers stiffs if you can snuff that candle
    Now I remember when witch stiff meant a gratefully dead stiff getting fucked

    I mean that's how you fuck john doe to get head

  7. yall people, Kim didnt pick the first one. look youll see she scrolled down bu never back up, def staged

  8. Rohan Anil Paleri

    50 years from now, lmao


    "I dont like this"
    "No no no"
    "I dont like this"
    This was so funny to me😂😂

  10. Aniruth Ravichandran

    Is that only me , or anybody else found each time the way she pressing the buzzer ,it is so satisfying !

  11. why she looks perfect

  12. “50 years from now”

    Definitely didn’t age well

  13. The cloistered pocket inferiorly sail because table eventually beg around a abhorrent ping. foregoing, berserk macaroni

  14. Carmela Cervone

    She is so funny, adorable and so beautiful. I love her!

  15. my biggest flex is that the kardashians are half armenian & im armneian too 💪💪😈 bc theor dad was armenian and thr mom a=was somthig ese (hence the ian in kardashian)👍👍

  16. 50 years, divorce

  17. jimmy your so cringy

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