GTA San Andreas – Tips & Tricks – Unique Vehicles

– Tips & Tricks – Unique Vehicles

Tips & Tricks Walkthrough Video in High Definition


Unique Vehicles – In GTA San Andreas there are a few unique vehicles found only in some missions or under specific conditions which are never found parked around town or available in normal city traffic. In this guide we will show you some of these vehicles, explaining how to get them. It is not a complete list but only a selection of the most interesting or useful.

List of the vehicles shown in this video:

0:00 – Introduction
0:15 – Mothership [The Truth Camper] (Are You Going To San Fierro & Riot)
2:01 – SWAT Tank (End Of The Line)
3:30 – Andromada
4:36 – FBI Truck

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  1. But i losed all my weapons
    How to get all weapons after wasted?

  2. "Unique things just for fools!"
    -Sun Tzu

  3. Ayyy I was able to get the swat tank without having to die and lose weapons

    Just park it in a garage and blow it up with C4

    I put like 5 bombs and also had 3 other vehicles in thee same garage

    The bombs went off and the door closed as I ran away so I didn’t die then a few seconds later the mission failed because it blew up then I opened the garage and saw it was still blown up so I walked away and back then it was fixed when it opened again so I just saved it there and it’s still in the garage with all my weapons

  4. You can get fbi truck in car spawner

  5. Marco Marasigan

    I got FBI truck from GTA SA j cheater

  6. It is possible to achieve the Andromada using the dupe glitch but that takes a lot of hastle

  7. You don't have to kill yourself to get the SWAT tank

  8. Tarnell Gaming

    I always feel bad when I kill characters like cesar truth or any good character's so I couldn't do this

  9. Sayem Talukder

    It is possible to get Andromada plane without any mods. Yes I can prove it

  10. I have 20 Mill legit but i dont own one of these cars crazy lol

  11. Bruno Fontenele

    Como eu pego o fbi truck no meu gta sa no iOS?

  12. i have question see i parked the car in garage and then sometimes the car's color turns into white out of sudden anyone knows Why XD?

  13. By the way mothership and other special painted cars not used in garages like week or more just color makes white ( mothership changes into normal camper) i think its bag which only i have

  14. Beaches and Hose

    You can actually get the Andromada in the mission stowaway but saving it in the hangar without it disappearing is very tough

  15. Can we repeat missions after completion?

  16. S̸̠̑M̴̘͝Ḯ̷͖L̸͔̿Ë̶͎́ ̸̣͂

    Oh i didn't know that was the trick to get the arnored truck i finish the last mission now i can't get the armored truck:(

  17. I'm glad I saved the swat tank lol

  18. Doesn't even exist in the game but still made for the game

  19. Mihael Bošnjak

    Is there any way to "save" unique cars licence plate, coz every time i go to garage plate changes, like pulowski plated buffalo after going in garage it changes in some random numbers


    Why does the gta download website doesn't work

  21. I use fire trucks mostly to stun policemen when I have a wanted level of 2 and lower

  22. Fharralyn Cabalhug

    You can find at las venturas. – FBI Truck

  23. the swat tank is the worst tank it looks like a firetruck

  24. Can't belieber I'm seeing an 8 year old GTA SA tips video lol. I'm seeing this one because all the other would be mods and all the car spawner mods.
    Edit: I knew it lol.

  25. Mehaniq Gaming

    Andromada impossible? "Excuse me, gangster, i dont think so"

    Soon i made video how to grab andromada from stowaway without cheats and mods on PC san andreas

  26. wide xi jinping

    4:15 has a android mod bug in the version 1.08,enter in the mission and close the game 3 times and he got bug and you can drive it

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