GTA San Andreas – Bike School

GTA – Bike School

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Bike School – Side Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in Full HD (1080p)

GTA San Andreas Walkthrough Playlist:


0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Bike School Location
0:49 – Lesson #1: The 360
1:21 – Lesson #2: The 180
1:49 – Lesson #3: The Wheelie
2:12 – Lesson #4: Jump and Stop
2:36 – Lesson #5: The Stoppie
3:01 – Lesson #6: Jump & Stoppie
3:26 – Bike School Rewards


Related Achievements Trophies:
● School’s Out – Complete a vehicle school.


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, iOS & Mobile
Video recorded on: PC

Recorded and edited by: Joe9411


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  1. Thank you bro i find it

  2. Erik Borgerson

    Probably the easiest of all the schools. I did this in about 10 minutes or so.

  3. Ihab Imad Reda

    This one was the easiest


    I cant move in the 180

  5. Easiest one for me
    Flight school kinda easy
    Driving school alley oops fucking hard

  6. Sean Sweet Johnson

    I got 5 of them gold. On #3 lesson "The Wheelie" I got 99% I wish I would say what a f*cking ni-

  7. Sean Sweet Johnson

    I got 5 of them gold. On #3 lesson "The Wheelie" I got 99% I wish I would say what a f*cking ni-

  8. Sean Sweet Johnson

    in GTA SA Remastered there is only 4 lesson on bike school. Kinda weird tbh

  9. Hasina Jabbar

    Can you show Driving skills tutorial video. I mean, how to fully 100% driving skill?

  10. 2.51 min how combo control

  11. henrique carvalho

    Thanks to the videos of the tutorials of the GTA series, always help me when I have problems with this!

  12. All gold bike school is the easiest school

  13. Whoever made the jump and stopie one can go fuck themselves for real

  14. Do you need to get 100% in all the school lessons or to just complete the lessons with any score?

  15. Louie Marvellino

    The bike school is waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than driving school imo.

  16. Better than flight school

  17. But after Deconstruction, the Desert and Las Venturas isn't accesible.

  18. This is the most easiest school on gta sa ever

  19. bike school is so easy !!!-😀

  20. B11 Ramirez,James Bryant

    Oh maybe the bike school is easier cause the driving school hella hard

  21. I got all of theme gold but there is no nrt 500 only fcr900 and the jump and stopie was very easy for me 😂😂😂🤬😡😡

  22. myriam hammami

    I love bikes but the stoppie ……

  23. ericamichelle99

    I’m currently playing this on Ps3 for the first time. I’ve played this many a times on ps2. Flight school and driving school I found to be much easier on ps3 than ps2. Flight school on ps2 might be one of the reasons I’m on high blood pressure meds today (that dang barrel roll) but for some reason on ps3 bike school that stoppie is making me throw the controller and walk away.

  24. Hey , I have golded all the lessons and I have only a Freeway and an NRG-500 outside the school . I can't seem to find FCR-900 , it was only available for the first time visiting

  25. Hey gta series pls reply I am playing gta San Andreas remastered on PC and I can't do wheelie and stoppie in it pls tell me the controls of this because I want to do a hundred pecent completion

  26. heres a tip
    if you want to do the stoppie
    1 : go in high speed
    2 : press SPACE and BACK FORWARD "s" at the same time while pressing the UP STEER
    3 : while pressing the UP STEER press FORWARD "w" to stay longer in the air


  27. Which mods were used in this gameplay to make it look so good? It looks like silentpatch and widescreen fix, is that it?

  28. Hello🙌 i am from indonesia🇮🇩😂

  29. How the fuck do you do this so easily whenever I try CJ just swings side to side or he'll completely overshoot the cones

  30. 2:37 and 3:03 are not available on Mobile Device

  31. the dummest thing about these lessons is that the majority of players will never gonna use these tricks which will made them 90% useless in actual gameplay, I mean why the hell do I need to do the stoppie for?

  32. Ζονκ Ζονκ

    i cant do the stoppie

  33. Stuck on 98 for Wheelie and Stoppie it seems CJ thinks I mean do A jump then 180 … Or fall off, or veer off target

  34. How you completed all gold,but you get silver reward

  35. I Am A Gamers

    This School Ia Very Very Easy, I Get All Gold Medals In One Try😂😂

  36. Noviana Widyastuti

    U look like a robot

  37. idcthatubrokeurE1bow

    This didn’t unlock for me

  38. Richard Calhoun

    The stooped is bugged


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