Ferrari SF90 v new Rimac Nevera: DRAG RACE *WORLD RECORD!!!*


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It’s time for an absolutely epic hypercar showdown! We’ve got the Ferrari SF90 going up against the all-new Rimac Nevera!

So, let’s take a look at how these two hypercars compare to each other. Starting with the Ferrari, it’s powered by a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 along with some electric motors. Combined, the engine and motors can produce 1,000hp and 800Nm! It also weighs in at 1,770kg, and you can pick one up for around £376,000.

But trust us, that’s NOTHING compared to the Nevera! It’s an all electric hypercar powered by 4 electric motors, which combine to produce 1,914hp and an absolutely ridiculous 2,360Nm of torque!! It weighs in at 2,150kg, and as for the price, it’s a bit more than the SF90… Costing £2,000,000!!

Could it be our most exciting drag race yet?! There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!!

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  1. You can buy 3 or 4 Plaid’s for the price of that Ferrari and you don’t even have to jump through the ridiculous hoops of buying a Ferrari or beg them to approve you.

  2. Anonymous Collective

    Put a Mac Daddy sheepy race Audi R8 in the race!!!!

  3. Anonymous Collective

    Wow everyone stopped watching after the first race 😭

  4. michael ireland

    rimac is simon & garfukel the sound of silence

  5. I wonder how many Rimac orders went in after launching this video. Hope carwow has it share of the sales. Great work carwow 💯

  6. one of Mat's most exhilarating videos

  7. ahmed elhassan

    I really don't understand why do feel stunned that you lost the drag race Mat the difference between the two cars is almost 1000 hp

  8. Sascha Trojak

    Bye bye ferrari

  9. 1600hp Gtr vs the rimac😎

  10. Mohammed Alnasser

    That Rimac. Just fucks off – Jeremy Clarkson

  11. Is it just me or does the flag man have a soft feminine voice? His count down voice sounds suspect?!

  12. Cristopher bissoon

    When Matt said WHAT THE ACTUAL FU- just got me lol

  13. nevera is doing sidequests at this point.

  14. Including tax

  15. the rimac a car so fast that turns u gay ⚠️

  16. Markey Westskies

    911 Turbo beats em both.

  17. Rollin Wit Zig

    Just saw that Ferrari today in Malibu Ca

  18. Stephen Mwangi

    Rimac sounds like a plane, damn! Also imagine saying the ferrari is irrelevant😂🙌

  19. Silence is the new roar. There was a time when people road horses and looked at the new automobile sneering and laughing at the slow stupid contraption.

  20. Shiva Ranjan Behera

    You can see the difference in specs.

  21. This is the fastest ev hyper car Rimac Nevera.
    So why don't you take Rimac Nevera vs Bugatti Chiron drag race. Head to head!!??
    Those two are the fastest cars and if they show their power on the road , it will be nice to watch and awesome experience.

  22. Would love to see rimac vs Tesla plaid S

  23. Darren Morgan

    The guy doing the count down sounds like a woman 😂😂

  24. Steven Baines

    "That rimac just f##cked off"

  25. MountainCapital

    damn the tesla roadster got some fighting to do.

  26. Iqball Singhh

    Ferrari back is lit and rimac front is killing

  27. Hmmmm I wonder who will win…

  28. JL Soares Curado

    Bullshit drag race.
    They belong to completely different categories. Go to the road.

  29. Leonel Valdes

    Badass car but a bit overpriced.

  30. That's Beh Ah

  31. when i heard 1,9k hp i thought it was misspelled lol

  32. Who doesn't like Tesla? I don't! I do respect Musk for innovative approach but tesla cars suck..


  34. Iznad svih_ZAGREB.

  35. Tyomik Shkolnik

    Nevera huh?

    As in nevera gonna own one

  36. Richard Somostrada

    They should put a car with like 200hp like a vw gti. Would be crazy to see the difference

  37. بو يوكل ً

    This presenter is one of the most unsuccessful presenters who are trying to make comedy🤮👎👎👎👎

  38. Rusty Shaklferd

    Let’s see that rimac vs any koenigsegg

  39. Ramazan Abakarov

    you can't drive a car

  40. How about Rimac vs Bugatti?

  41. he didnt do the burnout

  42. Ronald Prasad

    WEF propaganda

  43. Yep then Rimac broke their own record with 8.58 in the same car 😭

  44. Chris Dümmel

    Wow 1000hp vs. 1900hp/ 400.000$ vs. 2.000.000$ . How could the ferrari lost the Race

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