Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK Invalid Imei Fix | How to Repair Imei Redmi Note 4

MTK Invalid Imei Fix | Redmi Note 4

[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] IMEI & MEID Repair for Redmi Note 4 & Redmi Pro Guides Fix IMEI & MEID lost for Redmi Note 4 & Redmi Pro

– Tools needed:
Driver: Download file Driver Fix IMEI.zip. Link:
Software Maui_META_v9.1604.02.00: Download file Maui_META_v9.1604.02.00.zip. Link:
Rom Fastboot: Download here

– Installation:
Disable Driver Signature prior to installing the Driver: Guide
Install the Driver & Software Maui_META_v9.1604.02.00 as Administrator

– Steps to restore IMEI & MEID:
Up ROM & UnBrick Flash Redmi Note 4 Locked Bootloader: Guide
Run Maui META 9.1604.02.00 as Administrator
Restore IMEI: Go to Options =select Only preloader port = click Reconnect Turn off the phone. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable
Wait about 1 minute to complete identification software and equipment. Select IMEI download Click Change Database NVRAM File = Click yes Fill IMEI SIM_1 & IMEI SIM_2 = Click Download To Flash. See notice Download IMEI to flash successfully is OK

Restore MEID:
Choose MEID download = Click OK
Go to Options =
Switch to active MODEM = select MODEM 3
Fill MEID =Click Download To Flash = See notice Download MEID/ESN flash to succeed is OK

Click Disconnect and Reboot your device. Check IMEI & MEID. IMEI MEID restored DONE
Redmi Note 4 MTK – IMEI Invalid – Problem Solved
IMEI Invalid solution for Redmi note4 MTK – Redmi …

How remove Google Account protection lock#Redmenote4

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