Old School Games: (KKND 2) Krush Kill 'N' Destroy Krossfire gameplay part 2

Old School Games: (KKND 2) Krush Kill 'N' Destroy part 2

Part 2 of me playing (KKND 2) Krush Kill ‘N’ Destroy Krossfire in Soloplay compstomp mode 😛 This game came out two years after the original KKND Xtreme. 1999 to be exact.

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Xem Thêm  KKND Krossfire Evolved 2

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  1. Антиспиральщик топ

    какая ностальгия😔😪🤧

  2. GPU Benchmark's

    Maybe theres KKND krossfire World game that somebody is making it

  3. Roberto Gracia Curiel

    Hi, some place where i can download it? thanks!

  4. Thanks a lot. And how you open the dark area on map? In may games it's only open when I moved there. Another area still dark.

  5. Doomfearkeeper

    Not at all..To get units to move to a spot right after they are built just click on the building and then hold shift down and click anywhere on the map where you want the units to go after they are done building.

  6. In KKND 2. I saw when you moved your mouse. It's go very fast, second, When Macrounit Factory produced spider, they go automatic to 1 area, How can you do that? I just start to play KKND 2, many thing not clearly. Don't laught me. :). Thanks

  7. Doomfearkeeper

    Why I thank you for your kind words my friend! I have plenty of Dawn Of War videos on my channel too..check em out!

  8. Really? That's a good news with me. I saw a lot of your video clip about KKND 2. You r a good player and I admiration you. So, now I trying to play Dawn of War. I think It's also interesting game. Thanks for your clip 🙂

  9. Doomfearkeeper

    Your welcome 🙂 As for a new version of KKND..Not as far as I know.

  10. A large map. So, now i can changed, anyway thanks. One question any new version of kknd? I love Krossfire since PS1

  11. Doomfearkeeper

    What are you trying to change? What option?

  12. open option.exe but how to change. Can u tell me more. I do several time but can not

  13. Stefan Petrovic

    Can this game run on Windows 7 (64-bit), and if anyone could point me to a link for downloading this game I would appreciate it very much? It's been approximately 13 years since I've played this last time 😀

  14. Doomfearkeeper

    there is an Options.exe you open to change map size and along with a host of other options in the game…As for games that are like KKND out today….Well there are some that have a few aspects but nothing thats a complete clone or copy of this game..no

  15. first of all, howd u get your map so large, and is there new games that are like kknd for today?

  16. yo lo tengo completo en mi casa. series 9, humanos y mutantes deveriamos jugar algun dia por la red hamachi. dejeme su mensaje

  17. yo lo tengo completo en mi casa. series 9, humanos y mutantes

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