Top 10 DUMBEST Changes in Netflix's Death Note (2017)

Top 10 DUMBEST Changes in Netflix's (2017)

Top 10 DUMBEST Changes in Death Note 2017 Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW

The mid-2000s Series brought Anime to the mainstream, but this Netflix movie adaptation was a mistake. For this list we’re checking out all the weirdest and questionable liberties taken by director Adam Wingard – from whitewashing, to Light and L’s stupid personalities, we’re putting it all on the table. So be prepared for screaming, gore, death gods, sex scenes, Willem Dafoe, exploding ferris wheels, and other silly stuff.

00:51 #10. Gratuitous Gore
01:51 #9. Misa…or Mia is a Manipulative, PsychoEdgelord
02:44 #8. The Soundtrack is TryHard
03:37 #7. Light’s Family
04:22 #6. Light and Misa’s Relationship
05:18 #5. L is an Impulsive Cry Baby
06:07 #4. Ryuk’s Intentions
07:26 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  2. This is an insult to both death note and anime in general

  3. Smoove Shotta

    Death note movie writers: here’s everything that made the anime great *throws it away * we don’t need that

  4. Robert Jones Vistal

    Just stick with the fucking lore material and not change anything. THE REASON PEOPLE WOULD WATCH IT BECAUSE MOSTLY OF THE ANIME

  5. the one change i was excited to see was how misa could be rewritten. i always thought she was one of the weaker characters, and i think seeing a misa that was smart and useful woulda been cool. but no, just another dumb broad (except this time shes manipulative and evil)

  6. akatsuki jutsu

    Not a good adaptation but still entertaining

  7. Worst part is the ending he planned it out all perfectly even though it completely breaks the rules, but the one time watari is meant to read out a name he doesn’t

  8. Raissa Kumala

    Dumbest change :
    1. L was not shown eating sweet snacks or energy juice packs
    2. It lacks of other character likes near, mello, rem, sayu, matsuda etc
    Misa did not get her own death note from rem ( due to her not appearing in this film )

    4. Light is not shown eating chips when he describe the death note

    5. L and james turner were not died in this version

  9. The movie made me cry it was so sad

    When it tryed to to be good

  10. Netflix ruined the anime

  11. Brigham Young Smith Torres Sánchez

    The video literally is "change is bad".
    You can't do anything different even with a purpose.
    People clanging to hard on nostalgia to see that.

  12. I guess no one is going to bring up the fact that Watari literally is named Watari and just writing 'Watari' in the death note actually worked… oh, and Watari handed out a business card which literally just said Watari on it. What's the point of a card with just your name on it and no contact info?

  13. The only good thing about the American Death Note was William DaFoe!!!

  14. Adolf Xingler

    The Japanese live action Death note much even better than a f*****king Hollywood version

  15. The sad part is that the actor of L actually watched/read Death Note and got familiar with L’s character. When he got the script he was disappointed but played the character they gave him

  16. Bradley Forney

    Japanese Light and L are smartests but that western live action movie without 🧠 they're just dumb as annoying acting 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  17. Silver Schnauzer Gaming

    I feel like some other studio should try and make a live action Death Note and make it like the actual anime and it probably would be awesome.

  18. Silver Schnauzer Gaming

    The live action is so bad in my opnion they changed so many things about it and not only that they changed the charters personalities as well, like light is expose to be a very smart top of his class studnet but in the live action he just dose other peoples homework

  19. Why Netflix?

  20. Muhammad Luthfi

    Number 1 is L is a black guy, i'm not racist but that is broke my imagination about L in anime

  21. L and Misa PLS😨

  22. "Avatar the last Airbender is the worst movie adaptation ever!"

    Death note 2017: "Hold my beer"

  23. Darth Vigilante

    Light Yagami: " How disappointing. "

  24. In my opinion, they should have made it a different story not based on the original, like someone other than light have found the Death Note, maybe, just maybe, it could've been better

  25. they absolutely destroyed L i LOVED him in the anime but this bullshit absolutely killed him

  26. The origin of the netflix adaptation meme

  27. katherine aizawa

    i lost all interest in this when light first pronounced ryuk’s name as “rye-uck”

  28. katherine aizawa

    (spoilers for ep35+) the rule about burning the page is kinda a cool idea in theory, but it ruins the whole “kira shows no mercy” vibe. maybe he could’ve used it to throw suspicion off of him if the rule applied to the anime. i guess the only page of the notebook that was burned was the one takada wrote on, so it would’ve let mello burn to death rather than die of a heart attack, lol. what’s a few more burn scars?

  29. ℕ𝕖𝕥𝕠_𝕗𝕚𝕣

    Sigh, I feel for the people who watched the movie first before the actual anime

  30. The L is so ugly black like coal

  31. Surpriiiise, you video sucks

  32. Portable Alcatel

    This isn't death note. It's more like the final destination. It really sucks

  33. the biggest mistake was the movie itself

  34. 9:39 number 1 😂😂😂

  35. Top 10 dumbest changes in Netflix's Cowboy Beebop

  36. Muhamad Irfan isamily

    Me:dragon ball yes film real life

  37. Becky'sMilkyWay☆

    What were they thinking when they made this 😂

  38. Kiwi_Jackson12

    this is the most swearing I have ever seen In a watch mojo video

  39. The people who made this movie:I’ll take this anime…AND RUIN IT

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