The Three Things You Need to Know About Guild Raids! | Hero Wars Facebook

The Three Things You Need to Know About Guild Raids! | Facebook

The Three Things YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Upcoming Guild Raids!

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🕒 Timestamps:
1:05 The First Big Thing!
3:18 The Second Big Thing!
3:56 The Third Big Thing!
5:44 Hero Strategy Discussion

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  1. Miguel Cumpelik

    Do you think that this will come to the mobile version?

  2. Luís Pedro Algarvio

    good content!

  3. Андрій TodRockDraw


  4. Cristian Pellagatta

    Guild Raids!!, ok and what if they allow to increase the number of members per guild to 40,… would speed up mergers and as a result of these, we have strongers actives guilds?,…what do you think about?

  5. Đức Hà Tiến

    Why can't herowar on galaxy tab s7?

  6. Julien Gibert

    Merci bien !

  7. могу ли я получить тотем воды, пожалуйста

  8. Thank you always Ms.Wendy. I am having fun playing the game.

  9. Thành Công Nguyễn

    Hey Charlie, I've just found out that the HW community page has got blown. Maybe they blew it as to get along with the new game mode. Jeez, how the f*** can we get gifts from now? 🙁

  10. Did not hear, "your ODH team" sadpanda

  11. Elliot Marshall Dawson

    Always appreciate your videos keep it up.

  12. looks too complicated

  13. The boss looks like a Dante / Lian lovechild.

  14. Robert Spencer

    Where is the Bifrost Bridge leading to Asgard?

  15. I am dreading this new game feature. It only works for people who don't use up all their Gold every week on Titan Seals, creating color items and raising Hero skills. Also, if you still need Titan Potions to raise your Titan levels each week, you can't convert your Titan soul stones to Gold. This will create an even bigger resource crunch for players that don't already have maxed Titans and Heroes.

    I always think it's funny when someone says your Gold problems are over, once all your Titans are at Ult-star. I've had all 6-star Titans for nearly a year, and I'm still out of Gold each Sunday night/Monday morning.

  16. Question that I posted on support for this game and got no answer. Does anyone know the waiting period if I quit one guild to join another guild? 8 hours – 12 hours – 24 hours or no time period ? Thanks in advance.

  17. that laugh in the end, made me smile
    btw I just dont like to go to dungeons by going up, I feel it shoud be down

  18. Fact: It's a frozen baby. Fact: Judge is OP

  19. Anybody know what the Facebook/Web event that starts tonight is? Charlie hasn't released a video about it yet. I need to know what dailies I can do now and what I should save for after the event releases at 10pm Eastern time.

  20. Masked Rider Weaver

    Interesting perspective, I did not consider some of these ramifications. Unfortunately, players who already have three powerful Grand Arena teams already have an advantage in doing damage to the boss. We'll have to wait and see how things shift in the game.

  21. People's Community

    Hi Charlie, I have a question….. Nexter and Hero wars occasionally release new heroes, so I'm asking if they'll do the same for the Titans thereby releasing new titans (maybe a hybrid of earth and water or fire and earth)

  22. Hello all My HWC friend's

  23. but if the whole guild is attacking the same boss, thats 30 attacks with your first teams, surely thats enough?

  24. So if you are a guild of one…..?

  25. I really feel they should release this new feature with a one week practice for the whole guild to figure out the details

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