How to install Carplay/Android Auto on a 2013-2019 Lexus RX350

How to install Carplay/ on a 2013-2019 Lexus RX350

This video is a demonstration of installing Crux’s ACPLX-12Z which is an interface that is made for Carplay/Android Auto and it provides a front & rearview camera input. The vehicle is a 2017 Lexus-rx350

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  1. IsHy Da Fishy

    Anyone know if the factory camera works with this?

  2. Approx. How long does it take to install by yourself? What's the average price to have it done at a shop?

  3. Its annoying to me how late Lexus was to provide Android Auto to their RX customers. 2019 still had no Android Auto? Crazy to me. I don't want to have to do all this to a relatively new car.

  4. Unfortunate Son

    Do you guys used a licensed version of Carplay and Android auto or unlicensed versions?

  5. Michal Stefanski

    Will the screen turn off when the phone call is answered for android auto?

  6. lol.. he said circumcised shifter.. i'm such a kid

  7. Does this void the Lexus comprehensive warranty?

  8. Joe Vorachack

    Do offer this upgrade at the Lexus dealership shop?

  9. Good Lord….Thats a lot

  10. FUCK YEAH!!!!

  11. Marcus Charles

    If purchase this where can I get this installed?

  12. My question is not about installing android, but it's somewhat related. Is it possible to change temperature units in my Lexus RX 350 2016 for climate control and outside temperature to Celsius? And if so, what needs to be done? It is not customizable in the settings.

  13. It would be nice to replace the small OEM screen with a larger screen. Do you know if this is possible? Any plans to release such a solution?

  14. Your site has instructions to install this on 2010-12 yet this product is for 2013 and up. So this is helpful. This product says it has specific input for customer installed rear and front cameras, so does that mean the existing Factory backup camera won't work anymore?

  15. Andrew Deogracias

    Don't buy this, it's a POS and doesn't work for RX350 with 5 jog buttons. Video is wrong to get it working with jog buttons, holding map button doesn't do anything, and shorted out the ECU ACC fuse which controls the headunit and screen. Panic set in and spent 3 hours with Crutchfield support who successfully guided me through finding the correct pins to test voltage. Luckily it was just a fuse and nothing more which could have been an expensive fix at the dealership. Overall waste of time, ripped this thing out. Crux support is Mon – Friday, need weekend support. Go with someone more reputable like Beatsonic.

  16. Is this wireless or is there a type c cable connection to phone?

  17. Hey! Few questions here:
    1) How often do you send out firmware updates?

    Also, I see there is another item that is similar to yours by BeatSonic. Are you both the same? 

    Whats the 

    Can you tuck everything behind the radio? Do you have a guide as to where to drill a hole? Thank you!

  18. I am from Sydney Australia and I have 2016 Lexus RX 200t. Will that work to my Car? We have RX 350 & 450 but mine is RX 200t which US and Canada doesn’t have. RXs 450, 350 & 200t are all the same spec they just differ on Engine power which mine is lesser. Also we are right handed drive here Aus.

  19. John Williams

    I’ve checked around several installations shops and they tell me they cannot install this in my 2014 Lexus RX. Why would this be?

  20. MH CREATION 125

    Nice Video

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