How to customize the settings on your AirPods or AirPods Pro – Apple Support

How to customize the settings on your AirPods or AirPods Pro – Apple Support

Learn more about the features, settings, and customizable options on your AirPods or AirPods Pro.

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  1. Very helpful thank you 👍🏻

  2. Thanks Toby.

  3. Josiah Miller

    Very helpful channel. I love how specific and detailed they are with their tutorials.

  4. Is it normal for my airpod pros to talk to me like say Bluetooth connected?

  5. BRŸ thèçrêatęr

    I can’t customize left or right on how I want them to function. I wanted to customize how I pause my music but there’s no options.

  6. Is transparency mode good for me i prefer listening to background noise because i use these while driving and i keep volume 40_50. i dont like when my airpods keeps pausing songs again and again . Should i go for off or Transparency mode or simply select the off. i am very annoyed by this problem.

  7. Rock

  8. Lawson Lonergan

    so u can’t change the left and right settings on gen 3? seriously cmon

  9. PandaPanda7872

    why dont the air pods pros have the ability to double tap to pause?

  10. Thank You for Sharing

  11. How do you turn off the sencers on the AirPods

  12. phoenixflameknight

    How do you find your iPhone with the AirPods?

  13. Italianswagcat

    How do i make transparency mode make outside noise louder?

  14. Just got my AirPods Pro like 5 minutes ago😍

  15. carmella kennedy

    on my airpods pro i can't seem to skip songs when i tap it and i don't know what i'm doing wrong

  16. G̸r̸i̸m̸ R̸e̸a̸p̸e̸r̸

    I dont like airpods pro because i can not double tap……… Was better with tap

  17. Is there a way to play a previous track with Air Pod Pros?

  18. Xx_itzjennyyy

    Mine just says Siri and noise cancellation on the right or left AirPod button

  19. Tactical Trash

    I’m looking for settings so that I don’t have touch control whatsoever because it’s too complicated to touch and whenever I call my friends and pick up my AirPod because it falls out of my ear I’ll touch it when it ends the call adding it would be a great feature and very helpful for some

  20. 𝔍𝔢𝔢𝔭

    I can’t customize my airpods.

  21. Professor Flash

    what to do when they keep pausing

  22. While on WhatsApp call or other calls using airpod pro the person in the other side hears background noise than our voice, how can I rectify this? Please help me

  23. how to settings the ‘delay’ on earpods, please :((

  24. Sandhu Lahoria

    Why do my AirPods 3rd generation charging case lose battery when not in use? And a while ago I put it on charging the case showing itself 20% and after few minutes it was showing 64% battery 🔋 anyone tell me what is wrong with it just two weeks back I bought brand new…

  25. Not sure why the AirPods Pro can’t use a press, double press and long press to do different things. Why limit your “pro” model to only one option. I want to maybe control volume up with a press, volume down with a double press, and active Siri with a long press. Or current use with single press and Siri with double. Love my Pro for ANC and Translucency mode but disappointed in this limitation of button control options being a single either or option.

  26. Thanks for the video!My dad just bought Airpods few hours ago

  27. Abraham Kefelom

    Does anyone has clue with this AirPods when my phone is looked and if I touched the earphones somehow it automatically calls to any number from my contacts do u guys know where I can switch it off

  28. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  29. Please Apple team we need support we need more features such as
    – Volume control
    – both AirPods work together as a mic on phone calls with two people using same

  30. jemsncrystals

    How to turn off the connect and disconnect sound of airpods pro?

  31. Pro gamer toy slayer

    Does it work with iPad

  32. There needs to be a way to lock them to a device because people at school just connect to mine for fun

  33. Ok so how do you pause and play music with the pros as it is with the first and second gen models by tapping twice?

  34. Thank you sir. Great advice.😍👍👏👌

  35. Chase Hendrix

    can someone help me i accidentally washed my airpod pros and then ran the water ejection test but now the right one sounds like it’s stuck in transparency mode

  36. Best tutorial 🥴😂

  37. I have the airpods 2nd gen and the sound is AWSOME?!?!!??!

  38. How do you change the language? Like when your AirPods sent you a notification of someone who texted and they read it to you

  39. Andrew Weinstein

    I’ve had my AirPod pros for almost 2 years now and I can’t believe they haven’t made an update to allow more customization for the controls (namely volume control). The controls I would prefer are as follows: double tap L to go skip back, double tap R to skip forward. Triple tap L for volume down, triple tap R for volume up. Keep the single tap and hold controls as is

  40. Ibrahim Bahakim

    Can you fix the auto switch feature for the macbook pro m1??
    It is really not that good. With the iPad pro and iPhone se it is good but with iPad or iPhone and macbook it is bad.
    Sometimes it switches sometimes it does not 😭😭

  41. Hi, I would like to ask why my iPad pro did not showed pop up battery level when connect to my airpods?

  42. how do you open that airpods settings for you? mine just says
    -Device Type
    -Forget Device

  43. ADM,PI IND - DJ Music Star_OfficiaL


  44. Maria Petrova

    And what if I have "noise control" and "siri" in settings only? How can use double tap to play music and stuff?

  45. Is there any way we can detect who’s phone(s) connected to an AirPod Pros and remove it instead of going to the phone (of someone) and press “Forget this device”?

  46. Gabriel Sant'Ana Carrijo

    What about being able to change basic settings on an android device? Samsung lets iphone users do it.

  47. 0:39 look at the airpods they look corrupted

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