Combined Arms: AEGIS DDG Arleigh Burke IIA Destroyer Tutorial | DCS WORLD

Combined Arms: AEGIS DDG Arleigh Burke IIA Destroyer Tutorial | DCS WORLD

0:00 Overview
0:49 Class Details
4:20 Technical
7:30 Systems
28:55 Armament
50:50 Aircraft
56:19 DCS Model
1:02:24 Controls
1:03:15 Surface To Ground
1:05:55 Surface To Surface
1:15:50 Surface To Air


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  1. Jason Alexander

    Are you able to command the use of the helicopters in the ships hangar? And see the animations of them coming out and taking off?

  2. Edilberto Rivera

    The ESSM didn't launched?

  3. Edilberto Rivera

    IRL Arleigh Burke class can use its Tomohawk to attack moving enemy ships. It was only a few years ago that Tomahawk had a dual purpose.

  4. Can you kill with an RB-15F?

  5. LightBenderGA

    If we had SM-6’s and the tomahawk ASM variant the Burke would be unstoppable in DCS.

  6. PolarPenguin526

    Does this ships come with the game or not and if not how do i find it.??

  7. Are the ships controllable along with the guns? or is it AI controlling it.. 🤔

  8. The MK 214 and MK216 chaff is flip flopped. The 214 is the seduction. And 216 is your distraction.
    *former USN SLQ-32 technician, and current SLQ-32 civilian tech.

  9. Those “vents” you called them are actually called louvers and they protect the intakes from FOD. Those front stacks hold the mixing rooms for Main Engine Room 1 (MER1) which house 1A,1B, and 1GTG. The stack just aft of that houses gas turbines 2A,2B, and 2GTG. The stack for 3GTG is on the aft missile deck right behind the aft VLS launcher .

  10. IRememberJeep

    So the Burke has no ASMs in DCS? That’s a shame.

  11. Does the Burke in Supercarrier have SM6s? I can't get any to launch at Scud missiles

  12. Gary Williams

    Combined arms lets you take control of ships? I thought it was just tanks?

  13. YJ-62s are not anti-ship missiles. Also the Type 052C is only 7,000 tons fully loaded, so it is technically not in the same league as the 9,200 ton Arleigh Burke IIA. Wait till you see the Type 055 with YJ-18s, it's nasty. I wish DCS can model this one day, it'll be interesting to see the performance. Great video and I enjoyed as always.

  14. scott sauritch

    i missed it i guess but Burkes have Harpoons for sure…

  15. scott sauritch

    I've been waiting for this! Greatest class of ships that exist. Flight III and the later flight 2IIa upgrades to Spy 6(V) are gonna insane and the FFG's! DARPS's Working on laser large enough for Hypersonic defense as Low rate production of Drone killers are already going and being added to as many ships that they can…
    Also, peole are waaay off with their concerns China could overpower US especially with Allies. They cannot invent their own shit Communism doesnt allow expression of ideas which is why they have to buy/steal tech from everybody else. They havent developed Jet engines powerful enough to Take off from their carriers with hardly any Fuel and maybe 2 missiles, but no bombs.. I dont trust their "AESA" radars to be half as capable as AEGIS SPY1 much less SPY6! Type 55 just a CG with over-hyped and unproven weaponry and Radar. Dont get me started on the once 5th Gen J-20 POS! I Dare them to try and fuck with Taiwan, Taiwan has way more heart and likely whoop their ass and if not US with the backing of all of Earth would End the CCP.
    A man can dream cant I

  16. Skully du Jeu

    1:11:09 Looks like it fires level to the ground as opposed to level to the ship.

  17. isaiah willeford

    Can someone correct me if im wrong but doesnt an Burke have An spy 1A/B or is that only the Flight IIA

  18. 1:00:47 They are munshkin release valves, in case the wicked witch of the West attacks

  19. I think the cluster munition tomahawks were used on runways in the gulf war.

  20. Hey Cap! Great vid! The namesake of the ship, Michael Murphy, and his story are really interesting. US Navy SEAL, posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Afghanistan, June, 2005, the first sailor to receive the honor since the Vietnam War. Seemed like an all-around decent guy.

  21. Firestorm2900

    Oh yea, one thing I forgot to mention about the SM-6 missiles, the are extremely expensive (about $3.5M each),. which would keep these missiles from being used on a lower priority like a low flying plane over say, a carrier killer ballistic missile or maybe something like a Tu-95 Bear.

  22. As long as they don’t make the sm 2s anti-ship capable this ship is useless regardless of how good it looks on paper not to mention in real life…
    That being said… are they going to improve on that?
    It will be epic if we have sm2 anti ship missiles

  23. Okay. Tech guy was on DDG-63. I was on DDG-73, USS Decatur, from '01-'05. Got to my ship in April. Less than 6 months later, shit hit the fan. By November, I was deployed, unscheduled.

  24. 57:50 My poor shins still bear the scars or running up those ladders on the outside of the ship and having a foot slip. That diamond shape edge can tear your legs up if you are in a rush.

  25. The tech guy sounds like he was a GM or FC 5 inch tech.

  26. My ship fired some of those Mk 91 rds for the Super Bowl fireworks show when it was in San Diego in 2003.

  27. Link 11, if my memory serves me right, is used by Tomahawk to share data about surface vessels. When a US Navy ship comes in contact with a ship, that information will be passed along this link manually, as more detailed information about the craft including its exact name, flag nation, and other important data are used here. This is operated by the person standing watch in the Tomahawk corner in CIC, which is located in the forward starboard corner of the compartment. I also believe Link 11 is used to share information over SIPRNet, basically a secret clearance internet/chat. Could be mistaken about that, though.

  28. Chaff is super annoying on a ship, especially for those on the flight crew. That crap ends up everywhere topside and you'll find the little metal pieces and the plastic attached to them for days after it's fired off.

  29. The Mk 46 system is a camera/laser range finder that is FLIR imaged in black and white. You can lock onto objects and the camera will follow, while providing the azimuth and range information to the 5 inch gun system and AEGIS. This is usually operated by the person standing watch for the 5 inch gun down in CIC, in the starboard aft corner of the compartment.

  30. Had to watch this. I was a CIWS tech on a Flight II Burke back in the day.

  31. * @57:37 you can see the dimples on the hull have been modeled.

  32. Tad Ficus Catus

    It takes AEGIS for the missile to reach it's target.

  33. Tad Ficus Catus

    Who needs sound effects when you have Cap making them for you.

  34. Tad Ficus Catus

    It shot itself, how embarassing for it.

  35. Thank you, very nice video! really impressive the amount of videos every day! For the documentation presented at the beginning, it is integrated in the manual DCS Combined Arms?

  36. David Hildebrandt

    As a guy with 12 years in the AEGIS community, this video has made me cringe.

  37. Geordie Rudge

    Is it realistic you would get a missile warning just after the SM-2 is fired? I would have thought only in the last stage.

  38. I hope people recognize the amount of work you do with this site. The education you and the boys provide is outstanding on its own. Thanks, Cap. And thanks for the entertainment that far outstrips the crap thy are pushing on standard TV broadcasts.

  39. They can also reload the VLRS at sea from supply ships. Now Cap their is nothing funnier than when some unexpected fool is close by when they test the Mark 50 mod 15 Torpedo launcher. I literally watched a new Ensign Jump into a Chiefs arms on a sea trial. I almost piss myself laughing when I should have been running to a head.

  40. New to the channel and enjoying your content

  41. Maybe the Chinese ship won because the ESSM is not modelled?

  42. Thelma Viaduct

    1:14:20 "Absolutely pounding each other these guys are"* (but not in a gay way)*

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