Repair IMEI in android MTK device

in android MTK device

Hi friends …..

This video is a revised video of my previously published video..

As that old video is little lengthy I hereby publish this video.

This shows you the method of repairing invalid/NULL IMEI in your device.

*** SAYING AGAIN!!!! Works only on devices with MTK chipset. So doesn’t work on non-MTK devices. If you don’t know which chipset your mobile has, then ask me in the comments or Google for it ***

This does not require any extra apps or super user privileges , and This is 100% safe if you perform it in case of corrupted but dont play with this having a good IMEI coz it may corrupt a good IMEI.

Don’t try to give your favorite IMEI number :p

Get the IMEI form the mobile bill or else from the back of your device’s battery ……….

◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕
Using a fake IMEI is illegal in most of the countries , So don’t follow any methods to change your original IMEI to a new one
◕◕◕◕◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕ ◕◕◕◕

**If you want the codes for both SIM 1 and SIM 2 , then see this link : **

$$$ Repair IMEI using PC $$$ :

Main reasons to root an android device :

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