M1X Mac Apple Event, Apple Watch 7, iOS 15.1 Beta 3 soon, Siri and more

M1X Mac Apple Event, 7, iOS 15.1 Beta 3 soon, Siri and more

iPhone 14, October Apple Event 2021, iOS 15.1 Beta 3, Apple released iOS iOS 15.0.1, , Apple Watch Series 7 Release and pre-order, Siri and more. In this video I discuss the latest information on iPhone 14, Mac, and future Apple products, iPhone 13 issues, Apple CarPlay, Siri, and updates. #iOS15 #iPhone #Apple

Mark Gurman

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Apple Watch 7 Release Date
00:51 – Siri
01:43 – MagSafe Wallet
02:32 – iPhone 13 and 13 Pro
05:23 – iOS 15 and Apple CarPlay
06:35 – iPhone 14
08:04 – iOS 15.1 Release
09:01 – October 2021 Apple Event
10:23 – macOS Monterey release
10:56 – iPad Air
11:47 – Conclusion
12:20 – Outro

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iOS 15 is Out! – WHat’s New? –

iPhone 13 Buyer’s Guide – Should You Upgrade? –

iOS 14.8 is Out! – What’s New? –

iOS 15 – Top Features Now –

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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Unboxing and Everything You Wanted To Know – 4K –

iOS 14.7 is Out! – What’s New? –

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5 AirPod Tips and Features You Might Not Know

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  1. Another Apple Event is coming soon. What are you looking most forward to with the end of year Apple releases? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Old B52H Gunner

    I just got AirPods Pro yesterday, I hope they are still better than the new AirPods 3.

  3. I get a completely different response


  5. anyone have this issue since iOS15 and ipadOS15? the touch screen has become less responsive and sometimes you have to "touch" it for few times.. so far, aside from myself, there are another 2 friends having the same issue since upgrading to ios15

  6. Merry Prankster

    I agree, the iPhone 4 was the best design. “Like a fine Leica camera.” Let’s hope we never see slippery rounded edges again.

  7. Apple need to get rid of that huge notch and install the hole-punch camera then they will be making moves.

  8. Shalom Rutere

    I still don't understand how Mini-LED screens and some IPS LCD screens are said to be brighter than OLED yet phones have those same OLED displays reaching 1,500 nits.
    Can someone explain that please.

  9. I want 4k YouTube for my iPad Pro

  10. Volume no stable in IOS 15.1, volume goes up by it self, on numerous occasions I will notice my volume is automatically turn up to maximum.

  11. where is update i am in developer i don't see it coming today

  12. XtremProductionAT

    Confirm, Carplay with Ios 15.0.1 and Audi A4 sucks ! Maps is not working properly, screen is freezing or reacts slow and lot of other things. Also on my Iphone 11pro, sometimes the screen doesn't response.

  13. Currently on public beta 15.1. I’ve heard unresponsive screen issues. I’ve had an issue with screen response but it is due to processing time between apps. Switching from one app to another is taking longer than usual and the app isn’t ready to respond. YouTube sometimes isn’t responsive and I need to refresh to get it to recognize my tough direction. Just thought I’d share. It’s not a screen issue as a processing time issue.

  14. Have camera issues and a kernel panic using the cameras won’t focus on new cameras stays blurry. It will crash the phone also wireless charging on iPhone 12 pm seem glitchy.

  15. Man the 15.0.1 update broke the audio level check for me, might have to clean install or wait for 15.1 final.

  16. Thank you
    Is it also possible to make an episode about: how much the steel frame of the iPhone 13 pro (the blue color which you are using), is resistant against scratches?
    It seems it’s better than the midnight blue in 12 pro?

  17. Liverpool5563

    I love his videos. Please Aaron make a video using Apples 30 watt charger to charge the 13 Pro Max.

  18. Anyone having issues with AppleCarplay not working after IOS 15 update? Especially with Siri not working.

  19. Why hasn't Apple upgraded the Megapixels on the cameras? I feel like they've been on 12 Megapixels for A LONG time…..

  20. Mohammed Almatalqa

    Aren be just aware your subscribers.. someone use ur name to scam ppl about winning a iphone 13
    He try to scam me .. you can see his comments down there

  21. Mohd Abdul Mateen

    Hello sir Mateen here, I have Apple iPhone SE-2020, is it worth Upgrading to Apple iPhone 13 ??
    (Waiting for your Response.)

  22. my ringtone is set low, but my phone still rings loud

  23. MOBELEASH don't forget your phone!

    The 7 is going to be FABtastic. mobeleash

  24. As always most enjoyable! Wish you could show us how th new camera (Phone) prints out on paper 8×10 ? any printer you might have, do any editing you think it might need on Phone or no editing at all.
    Thanks again for all th time you spend putting your shows together. Cheers!

  25. Austin Holland

    For iPhone 14 I would like to have no notch. I wouldn’t mind the iPhone 4 design with no camera bump but not sure I want more glass on my phone, I guess I could just get a case. I would love a faster port for data transfer before getting an iPhone with the pro res feature.

  26. I am having a lots of issue with my 13 pro max as well

  27. Lesleigh Watson

    Always great content love those thumbnail colors – well done 👍

  28. sumit Kashyap

    Anyone here noticed bug in video playing via safari or chrome ??

  29. Will there be a new Macbook Air?

  30. Do you think iPadOS / iOS 15.1 release will coincide with MasOS Monterey release?

  31. Best wallpaper

  32. What Matt screen protector brand do you use

  33. Kenny Michael Bartolabac

    After update ios15 video in messenger is flickering
    Youtube video lag, audio problem in IG
    I am using ip12

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