GTA San Andreas – Pilot School

– Pilot School

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Flight School – Side Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in Full HD (1080p)

GTA San Andreas Side Missions Walkthrough Playlist:


0:00 – Introduction
0:23 – Pilot School Location
1:09 – Lesson #1: Takeoff
1:58 – Lesson #2: Land Plane
2:33 – Lesson #3: Circle Airstrip
3:51 – Lesson #4: Circle Airstrip and Land
5:26 – Lesson #5: Helicopter Takeoff
6:08 – Lesson #6: Land Helicopter
6:46 – Lesson #7: Destroy Targets
8:01 – Lesson #8: Loop-the-Lopp
8:39 – Lesson #9: Barrel Roll
9:14 – Lesson #10: Onto Target
10:06 – Pilot School Rewards


Related Achievements Trophies:
● School’s Out – Complete a vehicle school.


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, iOS & Mobile
Video recorded on: PC

Recorded and edited by: Joe9411


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  1. Can’t even fucking get past the first one… the plane just cuts off and goes back down

  2. I am on ps4 and you can barley even hold the plane…

  3. Bro can u tell how to not get 4 star wanted level when u enter🙏🙏🙏

  4. I can't buy the house bro

  5. No this has taken me days and only on the “destroy target”

  6. Cosmin Vieriu

    Rockstar… wtf is this flying

  7. I got all gold medal for that pilot school

  8. ok so quick thing do you have to do this or is it optional like zero missions

  9. Made Satya Rajendra 1411083

    The Game: Destroy the Targets.

  10. So I’m the only one who passed all of these first try?

  11. on pc its like controling a single wheel cycle on soap which has no pedal

  12. Toreno- You're gonna learn how to fly
    Cj- no i ain't

    still gets forced to do flying school

    all we had to do cj, was ignore the damn toreno!

  13. Bro I can’t go upwards in the first one it doesn’t let me

  14. This made me pass thanks

  15. Just completed this after a few hours. Very strange how I played this as a teen and have no memory of it being difficult. I guess the older you get, the harder you suck.

  16. エソコトエドガル

    where's my hunter, I only see leviathan there 🙁

  17. Evouzer Memet

    I really wanted the Hunter as a reward. So, even if I don't get all gold but only helicopter flight gold, do I still get the Hunter?

  18. I absolutely love the song that plays when showing you your score.

  19. strangebrew420

    is it really a side mission if its required to advance the story?

  20. This mission make me hate toreno



    What the fuck its easy school mission in the world

  23. Do I have to do these missions necessarily to progress further into the game or can I just fly around All over the map

  24. Pro tip for circle airship
    -do it in first person view then see the magic

  25. man the airstrip landing one took me like a whole 2 hours

  26. I got all gold but hunter is not spawning! What should I do!

  27. the little song it makes after you passed one of them pilot missions 😤🎶🎶🎶 5:21

  28. How u r in san fierro without getting 4 stars?

  29. Searched this up in hopes it would help

  30. I never finished the game because of this. Hopefully I'll pass it in the definitive edition.

  31. J.B. MacDirty

    I won't be completing this game.

  32. Why u not wanted by police ?

  33. DennyHamlin11Fan

    fuck the shoot trucks and cars i hated it i get silver for it at 99% i cant 100% it

  34. Sophia Cristina

    Ez… Car school barrel roll is the aids…

  35. Cannot get past the truckshooting… it is impossible to do not some damage after shooting trucks and before turning to the both cars for shooting .. or it stops out of the blue as if time runs out.

  36. IPSK.LEADER×͜×

    Bg kok gw g bisa beli

  37. I wonder how someone can do all this sub-missions so very smooth. Is it on Xbox or Playstation with joystick steering or steering wheel? I did try it on PC with a normal keyboard and at max I can reach silver, but mostly all my sub-missions end in bronze after many thousands of time being wasted or out of time… 😀

  38. 3 and 4 were the hardest ones for me

  39. Awesomeguy 101

    I keep getting fucking 31 seconds on take off and I need fucking 30. FUCK

  40. Yah crical mere game mai q nhi aa r he

  41. The Anonymous YouTuber #Road to 1k subscribers

    Eh this mission is easy expect the heli one

  42. The Anonymous YouTuber #Road to 1k subscribers

    Toreno and Zero have similarity

    They both give you next-to-impossible missions

  43. I finish this mission today after many struggles 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Dennis Guanlao

    As if driving school wasn't enough, that was like the first circle of hell. This however is just in the deepest absolute shitfest of that circle of hell

  45. Unpopular opinion: Flight school is fun and wayyyy easier than driving school

  46. how much pilot ranks exist?

  47. Gabriel de Faria Ferreira

    circle airship, circle airship and plane, destroy targets and parachute onto target i hate you all

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