GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition – Summer 2021

GTA: San Andreas – Summer 2021

“The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience exclusively for PlayStation 5.”

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  1. This guy predicted the future

  2. Bj blazkowicz

    This aged well

  3. Francis Schwarz

    This was called definitive edition and the release date was predicted how tho this was a year ago..

  4. sotiris bletsas

    That Aged Well..

  5. This is how defenitive edition should look, of course Take Two fucked it as much as possible

  6. Alohaa Farmss

    wait how is this out 11 months ago. or am i just slow. i’m so confused right now wtfffff

  7. The Salmon Players 新鮭山遊戲王


  8. Shame it looks nothing like this 😂😂😂

  9. Rockstar Miami

    You really predicted it

  10. Channcerjo BB

    the fact that this actually came true

  11. My man predicted the title of the GTA remaster

  12. Woah, it's really.. true.. how did they know, from the future?

  13. The Dingus Man

    If only

  14. Well. You were wrong. But. Not.

  15. Holy shit, this looks so much better than the actual DE release the other night…

    Speaking of, who is here after the absolute tragedy of rockstar games?

  16. To those didn't noticed, thats gta 5.

  17. Now it's finally coming in reality! 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Angana S Prasad

    u predict future

  19. Enrique Rodriguez

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm how you know?!?!

  20. Lucifer Morningstar

    Fun fact this isn't a ps5 exclusive it is also on the Xbox one Xbox series x and I think ps4 and ps5

  21. Now there actually doing this and it’s releasing in a few days 😂

  22. If this is will be gta sa how gta 6 be like!!

  23. Ahh shit here we go again

  24. We're all here bc of rockstar trailer
    Lowkey kinda fire

  25. GladwinGuster

    does anybody know the soundtrack in the background ?

  26. Yellow Gorilla Tag

    They Can afford to make this, but not GTA 6?!?!

  27. Quahmeil Robinson

    Funny how you actually guessed it

  28. This aged well

  29. epicadigamerboy

    even better, we're getting a definitive edition for the switch and ps4

  30. Oooooooooo my gooooood

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