KKND 2: Krossfire – Survivor campaign (PS1 longplay)

– Survivor campaign (PS1 )

I loved command and conquer as a kid, and also used to love this game. This love mainly comes from its multiplayer split-screen which the PS1 versions of C&C couldn’t do. This game now however has not held up at all. Firstly the units of each group are very similar, I wouldnt be surprised if they had the same stats. Also there are very few base items to build at all.

I go through all 3 campaigns, the Evolved (labelled easy mode), Survivor (medium) and Series 9 (hard). After going though the easy and medium campaigns I was also very bored by the missions. Most simply wanted you to destory the enemy. This gets super old quickly as it is very easy but tedious searching for all the units. Hording a group of bombers normally reigns supreme. However when i got to the Series 9 I found things changed slightly. Missions because slightly different, I had to think more often and turn the speed down of the game, and with some levels there was a huge difficulty spike. I half enjoyed this but it was too little by that point and the difficulty of some missions were slightly unfair.

A major issue is that units rarely listen to you. If you select a far away target then the AI just struggles to calculate how to get to that point, so you have to pick closer targets and guide units. This is frustrating when wanting to group up your units to attack. Another issue is its more limiting than C&C in selecting your units, you can’t just draw around what you want to move.

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There are a few times (mainly in Series 9 missions) where I restart the mission. I dont think I cut all the restarts out as the movie file was quite long.

As I played the Evolved first, I was stlil getting the hang of controls and how the game worked during this campaign.

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  1. Damn I was a kid when I first played this game , was one of the very best games I had and I used to play it daily

    That’s how I start loving strategy games x)

  2. 1 match 1hrs30 mins that's not even good

  3. Thanh Hoàng Nguyễn

    Link music

  4. i love it

  5. Hayrullah Kaplan


  6. Srg. Graphouni

    Units similar? Well on castrated ps1 version they mostly are, infantry at least.
    Vehicles are different though on their mass. For example T3 you get Missile Crab, Barrage Craft and Cauteriser, while Crab and Barrage are similar, Crab cant move over water, Cauteriser has insane range and instakills infantry, but is bad against vehicles. T4 vehicles are ABSOLUTELY different. Also series 9 T2 is Radiator which is a uniq inut compared to other two, also is trash.
    Did you know that Series 9 infantry cant be crushed by vehicles?

  7. Grenadiers is so broken

  8. How cheat money?

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