HOW TO CHANGE IMEI by using MTK engineering Mode (Tutorial)

HOW TO CHANGE IMEI by using (Tutorial)

Make sure if it is illegal in your country not try it.


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  2. Sawundarya Liyanage

    I installed that app but when i tried to get the android setting it did not come up . What can i do about it ?😐

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  11. Balakrishnan Iyer

    BHi Guys, frustated with the invalid imei number after flashing custom rom/sp flash tool format+download???? All fixes including MTK tools, Engineering Mode, CDS Services APK, Terminal emulator , flash zip file, |Chamelephone, Imei writer, etc. have FAILED ??????? Dont worry I have a permanent fix for it, tried and tested on my Lava Z25. This latest method is not listed anywhere in XDA or any other post in the internet./B

    COLOR="Red"BIUPlease note that changing IMEI number is illegal in many countries including India, so do not use this to write a different IMEI, write your own IMEI/s found on the box of your purchased phone or under the battery of your phone. Failing to do so might result in unfathomable legal consequences as you will be caught for using another IMEI.!!!!!!/U/I/B/COLOR

    Considering you are restoring your own IMEI found on the box, Lets not waste time!!!

    BRequirements :-
    1– Rooted phone
    2– TWRP/CWM
    3– Xposed
    4– Action Widgets xposed module
    5– SP Flash tool + Stock rom and scatter file(Need to reflash stock rom after imei write for your sim cards to work–/B

    Steps :-
    1– Root your phone
    2– Install twrp/cwm or any other custom recovery
    3– install xposed framework
    4– Install Action Widgets xposed module (Open Xposed App > Goto Download -> Search for Action Widgets module -> install-
    5– Activate Action Widgets module in Xposed ->Modules section
    6– Reboot device
    7– After rebooting -> Open Xposed ->Modules -> Open Action Widgets
    8– Click on Color Palette icon to the right and then follow linked YouTube video.


    /COLOR/I/U/B9– After the procedure in the video, flash your stock rom using sp flash tool using Download only option.

    BINGO. After restart, got through the first time Phone init steps and your imei is restored.

    Please feel free to contact me in case of questions or issues!!!

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