FULL SHOW: Russia lifts ban on Telegram app

FULL SHOW: Russia lifts ban on Telegram app

Rallies are taking place across the United States Friday in honor of . This comes as protests against systemic violence have raged for more than three weeks. RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports from Washington DC while RT America’s Trinity Chavez has the story from New York City. Why are so many people in the US just now learning about Juneteenth? Johanna Fernandez, a history professor at Baruch College and author of “The : A Radical History,” explains. Russia has moved to lift a ban on the messaging app Telegram, which drew praise from users and criticism from governments for its use of end-to-end encryption. But even with the ban in place, the app was still widely used, raising questions about both the reasoning and the timing behind the latest decision. RT America’s Rachel Blevins has the details.

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  2. I wonder if Telegram is working with the Russian Government now because if you go on RT'S website they are promoting Telegram and anti-Twitter adds 😆.

  3. ALPHONSINE Aguillon

    Slavery now returns to Libya after the US-led invasion destroyed that country.

  4. The Yeti Clutch

    Sorry that history professor is a joke

  5. Slavery was not the cause of the War between the States. Just do a little research, and you will find the real story on this…

  6. Don't forget the treatment of the natives of America. It's the conquerored race and original residents not mentioned and buried in the dirt in 8 feet under.

  7. Of course juneteenth will be a paid holiday for state workers, what about the small business WORKERS? Another reason the average American is learning about this day now is because the government loves to repress it's citizens, keep it's citizens the way they like them, properly uneducated, and easily manipulated. We the people are now opening our eyes and we want change.

    I also find it funny that Russia, is repealing it's laws, while America is imposing new laws to put people in prison, or make money from the court system. PUTIN IS THE MAN, PUTIN FOR PRESIDENT!

  8. pethdr Márquez

    Thanks I know lot girls from Russia on far East Russia

  9. David Schlessinger

    if high school students don't know about slavery, the founding institution of the United States, then we truly live in an idiocracy; an evil corrupt, no-nothing idiocracy built on greed, racism, and lies

  10. Am in Canada and I never heard Telegram. Ever

  11. David Schlessinger

    there's gonna be a lot more cops cars burned before all is said and done. "which side are you on"

  12. The criminal police are fired in one state and rehired in another state. They mist be charged and jail for if commit crime. Tjat may change the game.

  13. George Sporos

    Government got encryption keys. Ban Lifted

  14. Michael Scott

    Silver lining, the cops that called in sick have exposed themselves as racist scum and are the ones that need to be fired…

  15. Cuomo is a snake

  16. Here is the real reason behind the Civil War


    千ucҜ FBI 千尺iday's

  18. Flying Dutchman

    I also didn't know there whas a Russian ban on Telegram app
    Good that this ban is lifted
    Telegram is a good or better alternative for WA with his backdoors?
    I only hope Telegram will for a change not be sold to the android named Suckerbug?😁

  19. SLAVERY THE CAUSE OF THE CIVIL WAR!?! This is a LIE!! Slavery was just a pawn used for political power over the South.

  20. It's_All_Fugazi

    Slavery wasn't the cause of the civil war, states rights were. See for yourself. WAKE UP! https://youtu.be/K3Utb3btrJY. YOU'RE BEING LIED TO!

  21. MyFamilyGmail

    I crack up everytime the sports news comes up, and the poor lady has to motor through all the Korean baseball players names.

  22. Julian Assange? ??? Forgotten Freedom? ???

  23. This means they cracked it.

  24. Samukelo Ndlovu

    "In a revolutionary situation you need to amputate the losing side from society or that losing side will launch a counter revolution"

  25. I didn't even know there was a ban. I have used Telegram in Russia myself and know Russians who use it every day without a VPN. Anyway, good that the ban is removed

  26. Khomotso Mashita

    The truth will come out about us history in education public school and private about slevary and trure history.

  27. Trump clowns make bad actors.

  28. @ 15:44 Telegram story begins. I think any open source end to end encryption app that is banned is usually a good app to consider using. I have used telegram and would choose this over WhatsApp, especially after WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook. Great coverage you two, and as usual, Rachael you stepped the wardrobe up more on this one, lol. Must be a Friday happy hour (with masks) going down somewhere, haha!

  29. It’s your history if you remove your history you won’t remember what you did wrong so you will do it again smarten up stop being stupiddddddddd

  30. I watched this video. Since there is <10% B. S. this video gets my approval.*** Excellent Video

  31. Hey RT, "America Update" is that supposed to include Canada…I hope not!! My regards for all of of Americas, North and South.
    Please, rename your program: "The State of the States"…

  32. Guessing the Telegram ban was a defence exercise related to IPv6, figuring out who controls which segments, etc

  33. I like the Onions answer to Coumo

  34. Born Again & Rapture Ready

    There is Truth in Jesus Christ 🎺

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