Papers, Please – Trailer

Papers, Please – Trailer

Papers, Please
A Dystopian Document Thriller


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  1. isnt the orgininal trailer

  2. Literally 1984

  3. Aidan Copelli

    Unfortunately, many people overlook it's message of government corruption, and the border's similarities with the Berlin Wall.

  4. I hope you Translate to Arabic, please

  5. no puedes sacar una demo

  6. Me encanta como esta sincronizado con la música

  7. Coming to a football match, pub, supermarket or restaurant near you soon. Who'd thought we'd be showing our papers in 2021!!
    You should do a covid passport game too

  8. Glory to Arstotzka ✌️🦅✌️

  9. Happy Pets Co.

    [Comment Removed by Arstotskan government] (Glory To Arstotska.)

  10. Most accurate trailer for a game

  11. Quang Thắng 70 NS

    After playing this, i can now handle my desktop windows more easily

  12. me when look a false passport from jorji
    Denied in everywhere paper

  13. Jacob (ezic order)


  14. Funny thing, I played this game years ago and now I have a job not related to inmigration, but really really similar, controlling documents and people's identities, following policies, playing Papers please's music in my head 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Jorji Costava

    Arstotzka so great passport not required, right?

  16. Why has this only been recommend to me now? Eight years late. I watched gameplay of the game before the trailer.

  17. Just a Steam Player

    ah yes, denying everything.

  18. "Cobrastan is not a real country"


    aga beeee

  20. glory to arstotzka

  21. Douglas Pires

    i like how the stamping is in rythm

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