I hope you guys enjoy this video, sorry I have not uploaded in a long time I have been having issues with my internet as it keeps crashing still working on my BIG upload this video is the start of it.

Edit October/2019: Thankyou all for the 30 subscribers mark I would imagine that it was this video that did it I will be active more soon I promise.

Disclaimer: This game is not on Android, I played it on IOS.

Thanks and I hope you subscribe


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  1. i can’t find it in the app store 😔

  2. Is compatible for iphone?

  3. How can i have it? please

  4. GameSLand RedBoy


  5. Hahahha i get it why they wont do it for android!

    – As it can be easily pirated 😂😂😂

  6. SucukluEkmek13

    pls link

  7. Any way to get it working on android?

  8. wait how do you get this game on mobile

  9. If the developers made a android version they woud get so many downloads

  10. really, niga?

  11. How do you download it on phonem

  12. how to download the game

  13. LavrovGames768

    Слава Арстоцке!

  14. How download?

  15. wish it Was on android

  16. homens do caixão

    where's the download link?

  17. B0B-ヘンダーソン


  18. fool thats iOS not Android (mobile)

  19. How did you install it from mobile?

  20. тапка на стиле

    How to install it?

  21. Developers are very lazy. If they released this game for android, they would reach really high download numbers.

  22. I c-a-n-t wa-it to ge-t th-is ga-m-e

  23. Why say mobile if its on ios

  24. StayUnvolved YT

    Love this

  25. Charles Calvin (Official)


  26. Download?

  27. Toxic Lab Gaming

    Why is papers please on a iPad and not a phone it's literally the same just smaller

  28. Pissed off bucket guy

    Hello comrade, I'd like to ask where and how did you get this game in mobile?

  29. 동무 려권내라우

  30. Do you have a link for downloadin this? I really really wanna play thid

  31. Angel Gonzalez

    I have an iPhone XR. Why won’t it show up on the App Store.

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