KKND2: Krossfire Intro – Remastered HD

Intro – Remastered HD

Kill Krush ‘n Destroy 2: intro remastered to the best of my abilities.
Watch in 720p or 1080p!

I don’t own this.

Copyright 1998 Beam Software.

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  1. Arsham Eghtedary

    still waiting for the third game

  2. Before Starcraft

  3. I used to watch this intro with Terminator 2 Future war theme.

  4. What a great game! Even on PS1!

  5. Miguel Sanchez

    the best line in the game, aside from the intro, comes from the Series9 hologram commander

    "humans have a game called >hide and seek< . we play it differently. >hide and get killed by angry farmbots<. find the humans and teach them the new rules!"


  6. Miguel Sanchez

    You think Terminator 2 had a kick-ass opening?
    Series 9: hold my oil!

  7. So nice memories ! Thanks for the upload !

  8. "remastered " wow.. perky

  9. Григорий Сонин


  10. Shane Hugaboom

    Can we get a Kickstarter going to remake this game? Screw it, remake them both and combine them into one game.

  11. 1:40 Most badass game intro ever!

  12. Jerzy Korzuchowski

    thank you for your great work. cheers mate!

  13. I'm starting an outdoor laser tag on a very large land that I own and it will be inspired by the KKND game. I'm working on the custom weapons outer shell and then add in the circuits and wires and of course custom made outfits and helmets all based on KKND game. Anyone wants to join the real life KKND battlefield called "KKND FPS" ??

  14. Михаил Щепетков

    Таких игр больше не будет не когда и это грустно…. Привет из России…

  15. WOOOOOW this brings me back to the goden age of RTS!

  16. ThatHandsomeDevil08

    First game was rubbish though.

  17. Can we advance the quality with AI?

  18. Who else hit escape as soon as the logo showed up?

  19. That is one weird nature documentary, even for Australia.

  20. Where can i download it for PC?? Damn

  21. alguém sabe onde posso baixar esse jogo ?

  22. Blahto Blahtoto

    Just got released on steam

  23. Rerelease delayed im peeeeesssed

  24. This brings so many memories from my childhood. Thank you!

  25. Gabriel Nomas

    Thx. My favorite game for ever

  26. My childhood, my amazing memories…

  27. This was a great game. Want new games like this.

  28. 2020. btw MODdb search for KWIP. it is a HD patch for the game and fixes game breaking bugs. everything is still vanilla tho

  29. 2020
    still waiting for the third game

  30. Who's still here in 2020

  31. fallout: "war, war never changes"

    KKND: "sOmE grOuPs jUst doN't geT aLoNg"

  32. Thank you so much for bringing this back to 2019. Still remember my cousin and I were so excited to play KKND and KKND2 on a 486 computer 20+ years ago. KKND is one of my cousin's most favorite RTS games, so sad he passed away almost 14 years ago because of cancer. This really brings me so many memories and joys with my cousin. I wish him the best and hope this game can be remastered with real HD. Again, thank you so much.

  33. 0:28 Some groups just don't get along.

    3:31 NO. Some groups just DON'T get along.

  34. Kaspars Berzins

    Even with all the graphics today this intro still kicks to some games of 2019. Just my little humble opinion. 🙂

  35. 2:41 DAMN, that's brutal and on another note sounds like a guy throwing up in a toilet.

  36. In an alternate Universe Australia Melbourne became silicon valley

    And instead of shitty games we would have had some of the best damn fucking experiences

    Our voice actors, our ability to code optimally was great
    Then, Somewhere along the lines, we gave up

    First advanced circuits, Then electronics
    Now we dont even make our own cars

  37. Michel Gonzalez Bermudez

    como puedo descargarolo alguin me puede dar el link para bajarlo gratis

  38. It should be a movie

  39. Link confirmed

  40. SO what happened to the remake? or remaster project? Has anything been released?

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