How to download paper please on android

How to download paper please on android

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Es file expolre

Paper please


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  1. Vou tentar usar a mesma tática porém vou usar meu emulador My boy, vamos ver se fica mais simples

  2. Tudoran Alexandru

    Cum instalezi ExaGear Strategies? Ca mie nu mi apare pe magazin play. Te rog raspunde

  3. Reffkmimon003 •1k years ago

    Glory to Arztotzka!

    Swedish boi with russian accent-

  4. Glória a Astortzka

  5. uhh idk man im a cucumber

    i cant exit the game can someone help me??

  6. Welp glory to arstotzka

  7. Darrell marcus Caspe

    U know rooting? U know roms?
    Teach me!!! How to FlAsH iT

  8. Hice todo pero cuando se abre el juego se me cierra

  9. This game is more like based on a russian game or soviet union from world war 2 or 1

  10. Chabon soy turro no se ingles gato,a que,ahora dame toda la guita

  11. Gloria a arstotzka

  12. Glory to morioh city

  13. Trisap. Turing

    No sirve

  14. el crak 11 xdxd

    gloria a antoska xd

  15. I couldn't find the exa gear in play store

  16. Noooooooooooooooooooooo not workink i am angry for you

  17. Copy video report

  18. Shannel Caraan

    Is hard to play that in mobile since it may lag much??

  19. Exagear diye uygulama yok

  20. Where's the app? You won't be able to search.

  21. How can i change the language?

  22. Suprem' Family

    Pls……nu imi merge exagear…cum sa il aprind pls?!?

  23. Have in portuguese Brazilian?

  24. Zeno Gekkouga

    not working.after choosing controls it will say starting up then the app will crash

  25. Glory to arstotzka

  26. Yuditia Yuma Yulian

    how can i change the language?

  27. Nice last day on earth.apk

  28. sonory Fortnite

    It s worked

  29. Vincenzo Pierri

    Thanks for the tutorial but it doesn't run. When i push the green button it load and crash. Why?

  30. Ursula Vasey-Graham

    Hi, I got the game working OK, but the Exagear file is just a 3 day trial version. Is there a full, free version of Exagear strategies anywhere, please?

  31. Grazie , bravo❤

  32. I have problem with java…

  33. exagear not working

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