Games Like Papers, Please! – Black Border Game Trailer

Games Like Papers, Please! – Game Trailer

The most similar game to “Papers, Please” , is “Black Border Game” Released now on Android.
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  1. How… Original 😐

  2. It free but is a fucking demo

  3. this is a forgery
    wait here please detain

  4. League of the warrior

    Can you make it free I haven’t tried your game pls make it free then I will rate your game 5 stars pls

  5. Damn this games has anti piratecy

  6. meanwhile in android :

  7. Heart The Puppet Queen

    A neat little game. I'll get back to DETAINED people I want to remain loyal to the county.

  8. Lol mobile game ripoff

  9. Como c descargar esto?

  10. Oyun Seven Bir Kedi


  11. vicko sutanto

    What is this, plagiarism is a treason for the highest order

    Glory to Arstotzka

  12. Lucky Leagues

    I like it it’s very cool

  13. Romina Lizárraga

    Where is Jorji?

  14. When it will be on google play?

  15. Even the trailer is a rip off of papers please

  16. Tristan Yosafat

    Can this game on moblie phone pls 🙂

  17. When will this game be released on android? I'm excited!

  18. The game will be released in the upcoming

  19. tripping crab

    It is not being made they did not get enough money to make it

  20. Thehider 1234567

    Games like Papers, Please?

    Don’t you mean games that are a direct rip-off of Papers, Please?

  21. Is this game going to be free.And it it on iPhone?

  22. I can't wait untill the game is realise on mobile

  23. Aidan Labadnoy

    Is it for phone too????

  24. M.Fakhri Rizky

    I hope it release soon on 2020

  25. Bewis Offical 100

    If they sell this for money they should sue.

  26. Bằng Trần

    Is it free

  27. SerafimX454_Alt

    Is this Paper's please ripoff?

  28. Wait…but when its playable, will you put this game on android phones or only on pc

  29. This is like original papers please game but 3d not 2d pixel style game, amazing

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