FBI violates privacy of 1000s with fake app — 'outrageous!' (Full show)

FBI violates privacy of 1000s with fake app — 'outrageous!' (Full show)

The ANOM app, created by the FBI and disseminated throughout the criminal underworld in 90 countries in “Operation Trojan Shield” has led to the arrest of 800 people so far in what is being praised as a significant blow to organized crime worldwide. The arrests came as a shock to the criminals, some of whom abandoned the use of coded language, speaking openly on the app about their criminal schemes. Should ordinary citizens be concerned about the power of surveillance, which could be used against perfectly law-abiding people? Rick Sanchez takes a look. (00:15)

Then RT America’s John Huddy reports the details of ANOM and the extent of its success. Then civil liberties attorney John Whitehead and “Boom Bust” co-host and investigative journalist Ben Swann join Rick Sanchez to share their insights. (05:33)

Researchers studied nearly 500,000 middle-age adults in the UK and found that people with both and trouble sleeping were significantly more likely to die within the next nine years than people without these conditions and even people with diabetes alone. RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports. (14:40)

Plus, even though the US spends 40 percent of the combined military budgets of the world, more than the next seven biggest spenders combined, Pentagon officials are indicating to Congress that they need to increase the US military budget by $7 billion and send US troops to the Pacific to be in “close quarters” with China. China replied by decrying Washington’s “Cold War and zero-sum mentality” that leads to obsessive military superiority. RT America’s Alex Mihalovich has the details. Then former UK MP George Galloway weighs in. (17:01)

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00:00 Full Show
00:15 FBI Violets Privacy
14:40 Diabetes and trouble sleeping
17:01 US Military Budget

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  1. Arif Ali Versi

    I love your show. But there's is something on bin laden and 9 11. Read the 1st fatwa of his way before 9 11. And also the truth if 9 11 we stll don't know as they say it's got confidential info.

  2. The important thing is not how much you spend on weapons of war but the quality and power of them. And here Russia is many years ahead of the USA

  3. Right.. They should be afraid of China.

  4. not defending the usa. but I heard the app and the custom phones involved were promoted "by criminals for criminal".

    btw. governments spy on online activities all the time. I bet they spy on themselves.

  5. Dr SuperGenius

    One thing that really bothers me is when somebody says "well if you caught a Osama bin laden and you stop people from getting killed maybe it's okay to violate people's rights". That's where it all starts. If you will violate "those peoples" rights it slides downhill till they violate your rights any f**** time they want to. Stop saying stupid s*** like that. You can never go against the rules. NEVER VIOLATE PEOPLES FOR ANY REASON Our Rights belong to us .There has to be a line that can't be crossed or there are no lines that can't be crossed. It can only be one of those choices.

  6. let's be honest the people they are after are not the ones you want to get involved with, they are brutal violent criminals pumping drugs and lead in to society

  7. Darin Reynolds

    American version of the gastopo

  8. Well what apps are they?


    It's against the law violation of privacy if they go and do this it is a violation against the civilian privacy and if I'm correct it is against the law

  10. Patricio Torres

    Great wrk guys thank you

  11. Best case of entrapment I've ever seen.

  12. Rights dont come with Permits

    More of cnn just with a Russian spin.

  13. it is illegal but who would you tell. I think they have gone to far along time ago

  14. Bigger defense budget simply means more leakages from corruption.

  15. That's 25 yts in prison for harassment too in addition. Or just made up. Not just in on it but in charge criminals

  16. I said shit and a lot of shit came out in Google.

  17. Weed? Smgdh

  18. Western pharma and gov have killed so much more over the years. Check out documentary by RT on 731 unit experiments. The secret US and all their alliances have been trying to hide.

  19. Nothing on the internet is anonymous.

  20. Just the beginning unfortunately

  21. He misunderstood the Anom app more than Just a bit, it was an app developed specifically by the Australian Federal Police and FBi WITH a burner phone that replaced another app that criminals favoured and the privacy had recently basically been shut down. The cost was a ridiculous $1500 EACH so it wasn't for the average person at all and nowhee NEAR the galaxy of mainstream anything. The only thing it claimed was anonymity, thus the name. Small time MJ dealers aren't going to pay $1500 for a burner phone that they can get for $20! get real! only the bigger guys would,,, and did. Thus the sting.

  22. Regarding the intro comments on sting operations and the FBI : If there was no "war on drugs" ( the original intention of which was to target black and counter culture people) no one would likely be selling kilos of cocaine. Decriminalization would destroy the market as it has in other countries. Though this story should shock no one. America is already a surveillance state collecting meta-data from everyones electronic devices. And silicon valley, Amazon, and others are glutted with government contracts; and with no apparent qualms about violating people's "privacy".

  23. TruthfulNews201214


  24. What can I say ? Start using birds with messages, don't trust technology ,big brother is watching
    This one was a trap .

  25. The Criminals created a app for the smaller criminals!
    It's like the Big Mobb taking over the areas of the smaller Mobbs!

  26. 😂 😂 😂
    👍🏻 👏🏻 ✊🏻
    Rick, man you kept yourself well!
    How old have you been? 18?
    On one of the photos or the footage you look like 18!
    One thing is for sure, you know the in and outs of the media!
    And how much it has been changed to a show (clownshow)
    The murder threats, OK!
    But the rest was an anti concurrent operation to get a bigger share in the Black markets, so that their drug operations can make more money!
    As if the CIA's history has been forgotten!
    Now they can take over!
    When was the last massive drug destruction in public or filmed so that the public can check it?
    Not the media stunts, the physical destruction of the drugs!
    They created the crime show "Cameras", why?
    Because they where trying to indoctrinate and school the public about "24/7 FULL SCALE SURVEILLANCE IS A GOOD THING"!
    This is not the question! They have enough Ressources to achieve anything without Orwell's 1984!
    And like with the Patriot Act, they were already doing the surveillance, and with the stunt they made it legal!

  27. Laura McConney

    No, no, no, Congress: STOP THE US military, now! INSANITY, WTF!

  28. polygamous1 Sozou

    do they Not all do it? maybe the Americans can do it better n on a bigger scale but they all spied since the world began,I do not really believe America is the worse country on earth wen it comes to these kind of things there are many countries that would a done worse to the world if they had America's power, same time America is Not the best or the worse of the most powerful countries that existed on earth

  29. It's not a crime when US commits it.

  30. The U.S. is so worried about encircling China when it cant even guard it's on borders and not won a war since WW2.

  31. Classified Unacknowledged.

    Rick sanchez is a duesch

  32. They go after drug dealers, so they can make some money by not turning in all the $ & etc.

  33. Is China building any military base in South America? Caribbeans? US already has military bases in Japan and SoKor. Needed for Defense? Tell that to your Marines

  34. Headline should say CIa caught themselves distributing illegal substances again, substances they banned to push the price up, why a perrenial crop is same price in weight as gold.

  35. Wainda Youngthain

    It’s strange that the USA 🇺🇸 stabilized to expansion of warriors overseas, in South China Sea , Pacific conflict and the with far more of the continental apartheid. It’s the character of keep the Power by warriors freedom 🇺🇸. Please explain why the democratic warriors aggression has freedom for your stay. It’s my opinion, to make Warriors outside your homeland as you live with awareness to confront human beings 🙄. Please advise me when you live with peaceful, what’s your reasoning for control China and Russia to be in attacking freedom✌🏻✌🏻🇺🇸😟.

  36. What they did is worst than face recognition camera. At least the cameras will help decrease the number of crimes and help arrest the criminals. It will keep a city safe. What the FBI did was infringe on individual's privacy.

  37. 2023: Government announces BITCOIN was created by CIA. Millions being prosecuted by IRS for undeclared income. Prosecutions from other agencies forthcoming.

  38. It's the only way to get more dollars into circulation.

  39. Fake apps make for the next soldier to go fight for the right for their returning soldiers to sleep on the street.

  40. China will eat US like taco… Ya'll still think the world revolves around you. China just landed in a rover in you know where….?

  41. Kristie Hansen

    Rick you were lucky you were fired from your last job, as you landed a much better job. And you are doing a great job.

    Their are no beat reporter's any more. There are basicly no journalists any more.

    But no child trafficking criminals.

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