Cosplay Crack – Misa's Birthday Part One

Cosplay Crack – Misa's Part One

Damn, finally! I had to upload this twice, because stuff died, and damnw as that irritating. Still…

No copyright intended on the music.

Edited by Vampire [Matt]

BB cosplayed by Chaos Birthday
Light cosplayed by Rebel Yagami
Matt cosplayed by Vampire Jeevas
Mello cosplayed by Keehl
and Misa sort-of cosplayed by Abandon Amane


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  1. @ThePelici only a month ago? Wow I have loved them for a couple of years now

  2. @WammysBoysAndKira not at all 😛

  3. @hanrahsa ahaha I just started liking MCR about a month ago and when I watch this video again I can name all the songs in it 😀

  4. @ThePelici It's called Mama and it's by My Chemical Romance

  5. loving the my chem playlist in the background XD

  6. whats the song at 3:08?

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