light yagami not simping for misa-misa for 6 minutes "straight"

light yagami not simping for misa-misa for 6 minutes "straight"

light ain’t no simp ???

– btw don’t take this video seriously lol it’s all light-hearted 🙂

@helloitsmelmao.1 on tiktok lol 🙂

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#anime #ryuk #llawliet #shinigami

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  1. this should be the whole show.

  2. nicole lucerna

    AWIEEEE but he killed L:(


    Misa why u want to be with this creeper and like he yells at u tffff! Why not be with meeee, like gurly I’d like respect u and also spoil u. Like Misa, fcking Psycho Lamp over here don’t even simp for u the way I do. ?✋❤️ # MisaIsHot

  4. Stephanie Kramer

    i love misa

  5. Heriberto Morales

    What’s up with the closed caption ?

  6. Yosra Elmajjouai

    OMG my Ears

  7. I love this edit


  9. 1:30 How to decipher this:
    Spell Yagami backwards.
    Answer: im a gay

  10. Jojo Experience

    When L wipes Lights foot i got vibes when the girl wiped Jesus's foot it probably is a reference since Light wants to be a God

  11. Ok but the subtitles LMAO

  12. trenchcoat gaming

    not being straight does not = gay. could be ace lmaoo.

  13. celeste espinoza

    thank you for the headphone warning buttttt… THAT STILL HURT MY EARS-

  14. Watching this with caption is more fun

  15. I was on his side ???

  16. Light is like Jotaro

  17. 2:44
    Damn he was spitting venom to her ?

  18. Alessandra Cordero

    sighh… her only fault was lacking in the brains and falling in love 🙁 sahd

  19. Ugh! One side sucks?

  20. gamesmoney1025

    What if Lights sister was creeping outside the door and heard the Convo between Light and Misa?

  21. Pankaj Pattnaik

    Bruh the captions…XD

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