KKND 2: Krossfire | Inspirational Review (2020)

KKND 2: Krossfire | Inspirational Review (2020)

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A lovingly crafted inspirational review of the video game KKND 2: Krossfire, a rarely mentioned RTS classic developed by Beam Software (Melbourne House).

With considerable focus on presentation, atmosphere, style and emotion in promoting very positive experiences – this type of review serves as a creative showcase in honor of a truly great game! (possible spoilers)

02:36 Factions
04:14 Gameplay
06:08 Soundtrack
06:50 Atmosphere
08:36 Additional Thoughts
10:07 Conclusion

#Skorvion #KKND #RealTimeStrategy

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– KKND 2: Krossfire


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  1. Skorvion Games

    What (the hell) has KKND inspired you to feel grateful for?

    [ You can help support the channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/skorvion ]

  2. Feyyore Dirkear

    Loved this game so very very much on the playstation. playing splitscreen rts was crazy. Trying to be sneaky about building your bomber hoard so your opponant wont notice and mysteriously build aa. xD

  3. Lauro's Stationary

    the soundtrack is nostalgic

  4. Bring back lot of memories

  5. Played this game when I was 6.
    Have so many good memories with my brother, we played this on PS1.

  6. I hate that campy Australian robot voiceover. What is it with Australian voiceovers for robot being campy whiney voices? It has been a trope in Australian film and television over the past 30 years. UGH.

  7. My dad bought me this Game when I was like 6 – 8 years old here in Perú, it was pretty obscure and I didnt understand shit about the plot and other things but nonetheless I loved it, and Even today at My 25 years I still remember it, besides I could never finish the campaign it was too hard for me lmao

  8. The best Feature of KKND2 is that you can play this game in Split-Screen on the Playstation 1, i have since then never seen another RTS game on a Console with the same Feature.

  9. SBplankton 1999

    Do You know That's
    Kknd 2 krossfire 20th anniversary birthdays two years backs ago.

  10. Man those 9 tracks, they are FUCKING LEGENDARY. I played this game while I was messing around on my dad’s computer when I was still in elementary school. Being a young, Chinese kid who just looks at the little men and bugs and tanks in the game, I really didn’t understand much of what was happening in front of me, if at all. But those soundtracks, they struck a chord with me on a certain weird level, I thought it was THE greatest sound I’ve heard ever for some reason. Now, 20 years later, the game just popped into my mind for some reason, bought it on GoG, played it, all the memories came back, just like the old days. And after training hard obtaining a masters degree in classical piano, producing for more than 4 years, creating music for commercials, games, arranging songs written by singers, listening to this game’s music again made me realize, the 9 year old me was completely correct. These ARE the GREATEST sounds I’ve ever heard, and will remain up there for a very, very long time, if not forever.


    The cauterizer is and always will be the coolest unit in any RTS ive ever played. In fact the series 9 is just a cool concept in of itself, because old angry farming robots with old repurposed technology is cool.

  12. Daniel Szegda

    I play this game almost 20 years, 3 campains every year. It's still awsome

  13. i'm one of the very few who spent time on this back in the old days, while everyone was walking it out with command&conquer and warcraft2. i play those too, but my heart was set on krossfire. love to get me up on that high ground and catch the enemies walking below. they won't know what hit them, until they start sending in those flying things. i love the custom parts on the machines at the machine shops, the tech bunkers, and the tacky briefings at the beginning. good fun game and awesome review!

  14. Any link of this game?

  15. Cameron Koblinski

    this game looks fun!

  16. NewDengs Gaming

    Really good review man. Very well put together

  17. some crazy units in this game

  18. Not usually a game i would play but you did a really well put together review and i would understand why people would enjoy it 😀

  19. I want a remake of this game!

  20. This looks like such a fun RTS game, Haven't played one in sooooo long lol might look into this game for a change of pace lol

  21. I dont think I remember this game, great video to watch!

  22. Dude! Smashed it out the park again with this review! Loved every second my friend

  23. the game kinda reminds me of starcraft

  24. RockstarPoole69

    Haha, I couldn't stop laughing at that what the hell at the end there

  25. Mishka's Gaming

    Heyyy! Great video man!

  26. Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş

    My fav RTS game back at 90's.
    Somehow, the Evolved cinematics always remindeed me the Fallout 1 and 2.

  27. Seriously Persona

    Damn,really liking this game!!??

  28. a game mad for masochists.

  29. Very nice review. Growing up this was the 2nd RTS game I played and loved it until today. Awesome narration and I can see you put in a lot of efforts into the scripts.

  30. This was my RTS of choice back in the day. I loved Red Alert before that, but there was something about KKND2 that captivated me in a way no other RTS could. The music was great, the lore was engaging and the visuals were definitely the coolest in my mind. Great review 🙂

  31. KKND World needed a Nartuo to implement talk-no-jutsu.

  32. the cinematics is superior tham starcraft nut the gameplays is so poor

  33. Alexander Savov

    Finally someone reviewed this game. I was thinking of doing it myself and still might (but not my thing). It's surprising it took this long.

  34. Great review man! I love this game, bizarrely the first time I played it was with a friend on the PS1

  35. Waiting for Warzone 2100

  36. The music. It's the music.

  37. Harald Pabisch

    I remember playing this game for a few days back in the day, but after coming from Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, I found it was pretty bad. Had not much fun at all with it unfortunately.

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