KKnD 2 Intro and endings

KKnD 2 Intro and endings

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  1. Christian Axel Pakasi

    Untuk zaman dlu grafil film ini keren banget dah

  2. Pastor of Muppets

    Robots in 90's games: exists
    Music: "Hello, I'm Renata Bliss, and I'll be your freestyle dance teacher!"

  3. Pudidi perjuangan Hanger pro megawatzy

    Coc hmmm

  4. Evolve have the right to live, period. Fuckin humans, will get what they deserve and Series 9.

  5. Ahmad Yuly Firmansah

    Playing is really fun, but when playing two player with friend. It never end the game. It continue till both of us tired and decided to stop playing. We Will never win again another player, because we Will do had equal stance.

  6. เมื่อล้านๆปีมาก่อนมนุษย์ชนะสงครามมนุษย์เลยได้โลกไปครอบครอง555มั่ว5555

  7. Jimi Hendrix Tributo

    why in the fans we do not make a petition to leave the kknd 3 or 4 hahahaha it would be fantastic, including ea games had a partner with the creation of this game. let's go let's see kkd3 guys

  8. Intro looking pretty good in 2020.
    They shoud make a movie about this story.
    Total Annihilation Intro looks like a crap in comparison with this one.

  9. Schrödinger愛

    i still playing kknd 2 on my laptop and my epsxe android emulator

  10. Thunder Draws

    who else is here after seeing the Kurzgesagt video on ants to check if it was a reference indeed? https://youtu.be/7_e0CA_nhaE
    they reference the beginning and end of the intro at the beginning and end of their video!

  11. They dont make badass games like these anymore.. such a shame.

  12. Memet Pattrol


  13. I played this game so much as a kid. But now looking at it, I find it funny that the robots' reason to go to war is because they lost their farming jobs xD

  14. Elias Möller

    best game ever

  15. I remember playing this as when I was young. Clicking on a marine who responded "What the hell" was so "badass".

  16. Memorable days of pentium 2 era

  17. I remember playing this game… Problem was that with a crappy computer, it was all with like 4-8 fps the cutscenes.

  18. So the KKND 1 and KKND 2 had the same intro and ending… I thought the one ive always played is the KKND2 but its only in the cover of the CD… I never played the KKND2…only the KKND 1..I miss this game..

  19. Dhimas Afihandarin

    Gotta say that the controls in this game is very intuitive. and hell way better than CnC.

  20. Series 9 ending has the best beat

  21. Lord Nicholas Buzan the Fearless

    Never saw those endings

  22. I still have the game CD, box, cover and manual in perfect condition after more than 10 years! I bought this game when it was released.

  23. Does anyone know the background music of the evolved ending? If it isn't exclusive to the ending or has been ripped from it that is.

  24. RickyTomatoes

    Fucking LOVED this game.

  25. Thank you for this! Do you want to play with me? =)

  26. god i miss the good old days with games it was so awesome

  27. same, the cut scenes for the mutants we're hilarious with that guy with the little guy attatched to him, the banter between them was awesome, "mammoth crap pe-ewwwww" loved this game

  28. How did we ever cope?

  29. Is this comment available in English?

  30. Reinmar Bielau

    Nope, it's year 1998, prehistoric times

  31. mostimbawarri

    is this avaviable in a qualitiy in wich my eyes dont get hurt???

  32. Both games hit gog.com recently if that helps

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