Change / Restore IMEI MTK6577 China Dual Sim Phone Engineer Mode

Change / Restore IMEI MTK6577 China Phone Engineer Mode

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Hopefully this video will help you change or restore your IMEI on your MTK phone or Chinese or phones from China. Please follow instructions carefully. I cannot offer support for this however it should work with most MTK bases phones. Also goes without saying that do this at your own risk.

Also for those who do not know their engineering mode code download an app called “MTK Engineering Mode” I don’t have a link so please search google for it.

1. Install “MTK Engineering Mode” then Start App
2. Then go to MTK Settings
3. Go to Connectivity
4. Go to CDS Information
5. Go to Radio Information
6. Select Phone1
7. At the top there is a command line which begins “AT+” just type there “AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_1″ (Put your first IMEI number, check phone box or case for imei)
8. Hit send command and you will / may get a confirmation that “sent to mSend”.
9. Now go back and select “Phone2″ (for the second IMEI number)
10. At the top there is a command line which begins “AT+” just type there “AT +EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2″ (Put your second IMEI number)
11. Reboot your phone and check you IMEI number (Dial *#06#).

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  1. GOURI Nesrine

    I tried this method now but it doesn't work, every time i see at command failed to send!!! Can you please explain why ?

  2. Vishwadeep Saini

    I disabled DSDS accidentally by using #*#3646#*# code ……. And now no option to enable it…… One sim card not even detected in phone……?????? How to enable DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby)……..??????????????

  3. thanks dude it works

  4. Santu Lovely is Back

    Nice ❤️

  5. Sir this mode is not working. My phone boot loader is unblocked and ime is changed. What can i do i want to get my origionla previous imei number?

  6. Help.. I dailed #*#46236#*#
    The clicked run ping test… And another option.. The my redmi note 8 pro rebooted… After my 2nd sim slot not working.. Not showing 2nd slot imei…. Help me… Please

  7. How do I trace the imei of my list phone

  8. PIERRE Bruno Gilles

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    No one does it better than brave_toolz on IG he’s fast and legit

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  12. Plz tell me about samsung galaxy j7 china cell

  13. erico watzy..

    I can't fix my imei number.. But It say failed to send what can I do

  14. Sandip Shidam

    "AT Command failed to send"

  15. Mine doen not have CDS INFORMATION.

  16. Doesnt work in sim 1

  17. Ghulambutt Butt

    This app doesn't show CDs info option

  18. not werk fuuuuk

  19. Sir in my device there is not option cds information me plz

  20. Jab mai set at command per click kat raha hu to "this command is not allowed in userbuild " message de raha h. Please help

  21. Mubeen Haider

    Sir plzz make the video how to change the snap dragin imei

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    100% working.. Thanks sir JI..

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    Thnxx bro it workss

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  27. i get this Error " This Command is Not Allowed in UserBuild "

  28. ty bro 4 sharing

  29. If u face any error put the space after AT+..

  30. Tank u so so much

  31. Alparslan Köprülü

    is it possible original samsung galaxy s3?

  32. I cant find the Engineer mode mtk I only see engineer mode android

  33. goncalves guilherme miguel

    if dont acept put spance before +

  34. i hard many ways to try make its. many software or driver to do, but ist still fail…. now i give you much much more credit and THANKS a lots to YOU. your video very clear make so easy to return back my missing EMEI… THANKS and THANKS to you

  35. how do u ON the radio state in that engineering mode. as mine went off and when I receive a call, the call drops after 5s and am ask to "on radio"

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